What Are the Different Options for Veranda Fencing?

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There are as many options for veranda fencing as there are for front yard fencing and back yard fencing, which range in terms of the materials that are used and the amount of privacy that the fencing provides. One of the most common materials used in the fencing is wood. There are also fences made from metal and brick. There are even some unique options that use stone and concrete as key materials. Before choosing fencing for a veranda, it is important to consider how much privacy the fencing should offer as well as what materials will lend themselves best to the aesthetic of the veranda and the adjoining house or building.

For those who are interested in creating an intimate, private space, it is best to surround a veranda with high fencing. There are many kinds of wooden fences that can be used as privacy fences. These fences vary in the color of the wood and the shape of the wood. Of course, the pieces of lumber that are used are straight, but they may be shaped at the top. Some people prefer fencing made from lumber with rounded tops, while others prefer veranda fencing that is made out of lumber with flat tops.


There are some kinds of veranda fencing options that require the use of two of the kinds of materials mentioned above. A fence, for example, might have a base that is made out of brick or poured concrete that makes up the bottom half of the fence. The top half may be made out of wood or metal.

Depending on the type of veranda fencing that is chosen, it may be possible to have a gate made out of the same material. Metal and wooden fences can be made with gates that are so similar to the rest of the fence that they nearly disappear when they are closed. This is not possible, however, with fences made out of concrete, brick, and stone. These sorts of fences almost always require gates made of metal or wood.

In some cases, it might be possible to have the fencing match the material that has been used to build the adjoining house or building. A painted wooden house, for example, can be outfitted with a matching fence. Using brick matching, it might be able to do the same for a brick house.


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I installed the veranda fence. i like the idea of little to no maintenance, but i think it should be installed in shady areas only. I was very disappointed. the sun is extremely hard on it. Be careful where you install it. wish i would have known ahead of time.

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