What are the Different Options for Trellis Fencing?

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Trellis fencing can add privacy to a backyard, or it can accent other features of the yard to improve the aesthetics of both an existing fence and the landscaping surrounding it. Panels of trellis fencing are usually pre-cut and can be purchased from most lumber yards. Depending on the homeowner's needs, the panels can be bought in sections that are usually around six feet (about 2 meters) long and anywhere from one foot (.3 meters) to six feet (about 2 meters) high. Trellis fencing can be used on its own to build a privacy fence, or it can be added to the top of an existing fence to add height and decorative flair.

One of the most popular uses for trellis fencing is providing a climbing surface for vines and other types of plants that tend to creep upward. Trellis fencing can be easily installed to provide such a climbing surface, and the gaps in the fencing allow the creeping vines to grab hold and continue to climb. The trellis fencing can also be used as a support for tall plants that tend to tip over and become top-heavy when fruit begins to grow on them. Such fencing is a versatile choice for gardens and backyard landscapes.


Adding trellis fencing to the top of an existing fence can add height to the fence, adding more privacy and a pleasing look to the fence. Smaller panels of trellis are usually used for such purposes; common dimensions are 6x1 or 6x2 (2x.3 meters or 2x.6 meters). Panels in this case are usually cut square, though they can be customized to make other shapes; waves or rounded peaks are common customizations for such applications.

Privacy fencing can be built using a trellis fence. These fences can be long and run the perimeter of an entire yard, or they can be short — only a few panels long — to add privacy to a specific section of a yard. Trellis fences are often added to the borders of patios and sometimes even backyard decks to add privacy for parties and other events held in those areas. These are a good choice for such applications because it adds privacy without blocking available sunlight entirely, since the individual slats of the trellis fencing do not abut each other; there are several gaps throughout the fence panels to allow light to shine through. The pattern of the trellis adds an artistic accent to the yard, and the fencing can be painted to fit the color schemes of the yard.


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