What are the Different Options for Landscape Paving?

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Landscape paving includes any kind of paved outdoor surface in a garden or park, including paths, walks, patios, driveways, and decks. There are many times that landscape paving can help define different sections of an outdoor space, or provide uniform surfaces around features. There are many different options for landscape paving, including materials, colors, and layout.

Materials used for landscape paving vary extensively, depending on budget and desired effect. Concrete is generally one of the least expensive paving materials, and makes an excellent choice for large areas that require a uniform surface. Bricks, stones and paving tiles are options that give a variegated surface and may add whimsy, formality, or even grandeur to a walk, patio, or deck. Landscape suppliers typically have a range of color and material options, leading to near infinite combinations that can suit any project.

One factor that may affect landscape paving may be the intended use of the pavement. For a pool deck, for instance, landscapers must consider that certain surfaces become smooth and slippery, and thus dangerous, when wet. Choosing a textured surface for a pool deck or fountain surround, or for areas exposed to high amounts of rain, may be a good way to help prevent spills and slips.


The specific type of garden or surrounding features may also play a part in planning landscape pavement. Brick, for instance, makes an excellent companion to tidy formal gardens and may complement home designs that emphasize brick. A wandering stone pathway compliments a romantic, wild garden, leading guests to unexpected corners and through a maze of beautiful plants. Choosing landscape paving to blend with the atmosphere of the area can help create a comprehensive look.

Landscape paving can be laid out in many different shapes and sizes. Create a whimsical path to a child's garden by using smooth, varicolored stepping stones that can be hopped across. Build a freeform shape with bricks to mimic the flowing shape of an unusual pool. Divide a garden into neat sections by laying a perfectly segmented dividing path with concrete.

Landscape paving can be done by professionals but may also be easy to do without professional help. Simple paving projects, such as stepping stone paths, are easy to accomplish in a few hours. Laying concrete may take some additional know-how or help, since the ground must be level and the concrete poured correctly. Brick and tile landscape paving can be installed by knowledgeable do-it-yourself landscapers, but should be carefully planned and repeatedly measured at the outset.


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