What are the Different Options for Decorative Iron Fences?

Dan Cavallari

The two most common types of decorative iron fences are wrought iron fences and molded iron fences. The difference is in the processes used to make the fence: wrought iron fences are made by forming the metal into shapes using hand tools, while other types of decorative iron fences are made by heating metal to liquid state, then pouring it into a mold to cool. Wrought iron fences are much more expensive than molded iron fences, and they are often more decorative, but molded decorative iron fences are also aesthetically pleasing, strong, and resistant to corrosion.

Yards can be made more beautiful by installing decorative iron fences and gates.
Yards can be made more beautiful by installing decorative iron fences and gates.

Any yard can be made to look more beautiful by installing decorative iron fences. Many such fences are black, though they can be painted other colors if desired. Wrought iron fences are often bent into elaborate designs, and they can be made into gazebos, benches, and other features that can blend in with the fence itself. Molded decorative iron fences can also be highly decorative, but more often, they are of a simpler design that is aesthetically pleasing and quite strong.

Whatever type of decorative iron fences are chosen, the panels must be fitted to a strong post that can support the weight of the fence. Iron fence posts are available that fit the color scheme and aesthetic of the fence panels, but other materials may be used as well. Brick is commonly combined with iron fences to create a visually pleasing fence that is strong and durable. Concrete may be used as well, though if not painted, it is not the most visually appealing choice. Less often, wooden posts are used to support the iron panels, though wood is not as strong as other materials and often doesn't fit the aesthetic of iron fences.

The height of iron fencing varies depending on the builder's needs. Pool fences do not need to be very tall, so the panels are usually built to be about 4 feet tall (1.21 meters). Garden fences may be even shorter, measuring anywhere between 1 and 3 feet high (0.3 meters to 0.91 meters). Privacy and security fences are quite a bit taller. The smaller decorative iron fences are generally made from a thinner gauge iron, since smaller fences are made for lighter duty purposes. A taller fence will be made from thicker iron both to provide strength and to provide support to the structure itself.

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