What are the Different Options for Building do-It-Yourself Sunrooms?

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Do-it-yourself sunrooms can be a relatively inexpensive way to increase both the value and living area of your home. Prefabricated sunroom kits containing all the components needed for this type of project are available at most home improvement stores. There are a number of different options for building do-it-yourself sunrooms including screened and fully glassed versions. Three and four-season variants are also options worth considering for do-it-yourself sunrooms. You may also want to consider converting an existing room in your home into a sunroom.

Screened sunrooms are basically just a large porch enclosed by screen panels. This is probably the least expensive sunroom option you can choose. The screen panels are typically located above a knee-wall to allow room for electrical wiring and outlets. This type of sunroom is mainly useful during mild temperatures and offers only moderate protection from rain. The screen panels used for this sunroom are easily constructed and inexpensive to replace.

Do-it-yourself sunrooms that are fully enclosed by glass provide plenty of sunlight and also offer an excellent view of the sky. These all-weather sunrooms can be difficult to heat and cool unless specialized glass is used. Fully glassed sunroom kits can be typically easy to install and may also add significant value to a home. Most of these sunrooms are directly attached to the exterior wall of your home, but there are also some standalone styles available. Energy efficient, fully glassed sunroom kits are usually more expensive than standard versions.


A three-season sunroom is optimized for use in the spring, summer, and autumn. This type of sunroom may be either fully glassed or utilize a more traditional solid roof design. Three-season sunrooms are not connected to the heating system of the house and must be heated using portable heaters. In cooler climates, this type of sunroom will probably be too cold for occupancy during the winter months. These do-it-yourself sunrooms are typically available in easy to construct kits and are usually inexpensive as well.

Four-season sunrooms can be occupied year round due to their built-in heating and cooling systems. This sunroom option is ideal for live plants and delicate furnishings. Deluxe, do-it-yourself sunrooms may have a glass or solid roof and are by far the most expensive option available. Four-season sunrooms are typically made of the highest quality material. To help reduce future heating and cooling costs, consider choosing the most energy efficient model possible.

A less expensive option is to convert an existing room in your house into a sunroom. This sunroom option offers the benefit of simply adding windows and skylights to the existing walls and ceilings of a room. The heating and cooling system of your home can be used for climate control. Utilizing energy efficient glass and building materials can usually prevent any significant increase in energy consumption. A variation of this option is to add glass panels and skylights to an existing porch or covered patio to make a three-season sunroom.


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Post 3

I have a do it yourself sunroom Rundocuri, and I like it very much. Just make sure that you do purchase one that you have a little help when you install it, and that you and your friends read the instructions closely. I little construction or building experiences doesn't hurt, either.

Post 2

I did not realize that you could add this type of patio enclosure from a do it yourself sunroom kit. I'm definitely going to look into one because I have always wanted a sunroom. I couldn't afford to have one custom built though, so this might be a way for me to have the sunroom that I have always wanted.

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