What are the Different Operations Supervisor Jobs?

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Operations supervisor jobs are available in a variety of fields and industries. In general terms, someone in an operations supervisor job oversees all operations of his particular line of work. Someone with this title may work as a transportation operation supervisor, distribution center operations supervisor, or environmental operations supervisor.

An operations supervisor may be involved in inventory and invoice management. He may be responsible for training staff members and providing educational programs. Budgeting may be the responsibility of someone in an operations supervisor job. Maintaining safety standards and inspection of equipment may be other duties. This supervisor may hold a bachelor's or associate's degree and have previous experience as a supervisor.

Environmentalists may work in operation supervisor jobs. The environmental operations supervisor may work with a team and perform various duties. He may supervise work involving environmental waste or other services. He may work in a hospital or medical facility. He will typically have knowledge of hazardous waste and regulations regarding disposal of materials.

Warehouse operations supervisor jobs may involve overseeing operations in a warehouse. The supervisor may be responsible for products coming in and leaving the warehouse. He will oversee operations that involve organization of equipment and products received. He may be responsible for training subordinates within his department.


Operations supervisor jobs may involve work in machine shops. The machinist supervisor may be responsible for production and distribution of parts, machinery, and equipment. He will have general knowledge of the layout, plans, and blueprints of his company. He will also be skilled at shop mathematics. He may assist in grinding, welding, and pressing, while ensuring quality and safety standards are met.

Service technicians may also hold operations supervisor jobs. This may include automotive service technician jobs or any other line of technical service work. A utilities operations supervisor may be a similar type of career. This work may involve close supervision of plant operations.

Various other operations supervisor jobs involve work in receiving, inventory control, and dock operations. A molding operations supervisor is involved in work with construction and building materials. Operations supervisors may also work in inventory control. A phlebotomy operations supervisor job involves a career in the medical profession.

Grain operations supervisor jobs may involve working directly with farmers. These jobs may require extensive experience in agronomy. This position may also involve marketing strategies for grain distribution.


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