What are the Different Online Tutor Jobs?

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Online tutoring jobs are available for almost every type of school subject taught. The difficulty level of the questions asked of the tutors can range anywhere between elementary school and college. Each website typically lists the education level of the tutors available, and invites students to begin live chat sessions based on the topic with which they need help. These teachers are often rigorously tested to guarantee they have the appropriate credentials and knowledge to correctly guide students in improving their understanding of any classroom topic with which they need help.

There are a variety of online tutoring jobs available that cater to virtually every subject taught in elementary or grade school, secondary high school, and college. Popular subjects for tutoring include English, foreign language studies, chemistry, algebra, physics, geometry, and statistics. Each online tutoring website typically offers a main page from which visitors may select the subject in which they need help. They are then directed to a topic overview page which provides simple explanations for terms commonly used in that subject. Students may often live chat with their tutors and ask questions relevant to their class work for a fee.


Every online tutor is expected to possess a degree of excellence in the subject which he is teaching. Math tutors can help students solve equations, find geometric angles, and understand word problems. Writing tutors are available to read students' work and critique their word choices and sentence structure. Science tutors help explain chemical compounds and biological processes. Tutors are strictly prohibited from providing students with direct answers, and are instead encouraged to help students solve problems on their own with some guided assistance.

Tutoring sessions are designed to help students from a topic based perspective. Students are not limited to receiving instruction based on the grade level at which they are currently working or type of school they attend. This allows users to receive tutoring in all types of learning environments, whether the question is being asked by a parent helping their child with after school homework, or a child looking for additional explanations when completing his home school assignments.

Some online tutoring jobs address limited fields of study. Most websites address core classes, such as English language basics, math fundamentals, and introductory science. These types of classes may be addressed by most individuals who have completed a post-secondary education and have remained strong in their knowledge of the basic concepts of each topic. Students who require more advanced help in college level courses which address unique topics can also find help at websites that cater to upper level teaching. Tutors who are available at such sites are typically required to have a master's degree or doctorate in their field of expertise and may address topics like French literature, advanced bio-chemistry, and theories of trigonometry,

There are different training requirements required for teachers who wish to become employed by online tutoring jobs. Most websites ask that the applicant present their qualifications and pass a written examination in the subject they wish to teach. Depending on the education level at which the tutoring is offered, qualifications tend to range between completing a post-secondary degree to possessing a master's degree. Tutors are often invited to apply at a variety of websites to find which company best caters to their skills, and allows them to positively impact students.


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