What Are the Different Office Chair Components?

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Office chair components consist of three basic groups: seat, pedestal and base. The seat involves covering, padding and arm rests, all of which are crucial to the comfort of the person residing in the chair. The pedestal sub-group of the office chair components can be either a solid post or a hydraulically-equipped post, which may or may not be adjustable for height or tilt. The third and perhaps most important of all of the sub-assemblies is that of the base. This most critical portion of the office chair components provides not only the support and stability of the chair, but it can also provide the chair with a method of mobility.

Several of the most important office chair components are not easily seen by those who casually gaze upon the chair. The most noticeable of all of the office chair components are the seat and back support. Consisting of a covering that can range from a burlap-type weave to a soft and supple leather, depending on its use, the material can be decorative or more utilitarian and durable. Soft, supportive foam padding provides a comfortable seating position that allows an occupant to sit and work in the chair for hours at a time.


The upright back support offers both soft comfort along with lumbar support for the occupant of the office chair. Arm rests can or cannot be included in the office chair components, depending on the user's personal preference. When included in the design of the chair, the arm rests may be stationary or adjustable to fit the user's body size, sitting style and arm positioning while seated. All of this is mounted on top of the most unnoticed, yet highly functional and important of all of the office chair components: the pedestal.

The pedestal portion of the office chair can be one of two basic styles: the post or the hydraulic pedestal. The solid post provides a firm and often swiveling seating position. Commonly threaded and adjustable, the solid post is the most basic of pedestals. The other option is that of a hydraulic pedestal. Designed to compress when the chair is occupied, the hydraulic cylinder also rises as the occupant exits the chair, providing subtle assistance. The pedestal is perched on top of the base. The base is one of the most useful of all office chair components, as it can be equipped with casters which enable the user to maneuver throughout the office without getting out of the chair.


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