What Are the Different NCLEX® Scores?

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The NCLEX&reg is a nursing examination, and there are only two possible scores: pass and fail. Unfortunately, the scores that constitute a passing or failing grade change each year, so it is not possible to determine in advance what percentage of correct answers is needed. The pass and fail grade is determined by a computer, and it can be done at any point during the 265-question test. The computer will decide a score when there is at least a 95 percent certainty that the taker will pass or fail the test.

Anybody wishing to practice as a nurse has to pass the NCLEX® test. If a person wishes to practice as a registered nurse (RN) or a licensed practical nurse (LPN), he must take either the NCLEX®-RN or the NCLEX®-PN test, respectively. Despite there being many different NCLEX® tests, there are some questions on each test that relate to more general areas within the nursing field.

The questions that determine NCLEX® scores are typically multiple-choice in nature. Many of these will be basic multiple-choice questions, which require takers to choose one option from several possibilities. Some of the questions are multiple-choice, but require that more than one answer be selected. There are also some questions that are based on diagrams.


Getting good NCLEX® scores can be difficult, and many people fail the test on their first try. The best way to get good NCLEX® scores is for prospective nurses to take the test as soon as possible after completing their nursing training. This helps because a lot of the information learned from the training process will still be fresh in their minds. In preparation for the NCLEX® exam, prospective nurses are advised to practice as much as possible, asking themselves questions in a variety of different formats. This is because the content and type of questions on the test can change dramatically from year to year, and basing expectations on past tests can be a major mistake.

There are many websites online that offer practice questions for the NCLEX® tests, and looking through these can give test-takers a better chance of getting good NCLEX® scores. Unfortunately for anybody taking the NCLEX® test, predicting what will be on the test is very difficult. The best method to get a passing score is to do extensive preparation in a variety of formats before taking the test.


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