What are the Different Natural Remedies for Thinning Hair?

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There are hundreds of natural remedies for thinning hair. Many use common household items, such as onions and olive oil. Other natural remedies for thinning hair use items that are frequently sold at homeopathic remedy stores, such as coriander extract, burdock, or even calendula flowers. Sometimes, preventing thin hair is a matter of making a lifestyle change, such as eating healthful foods, avoiding alcohol, and reducing stress.

There are countless shampoos that are natural remedies for thinning hair. For example a mixture of lime juice and alma juice — from the Indian gooseberry — is often suggested as a shampoo for people with thinning hair. In addition, the leaves from a brightly colored flower called nasturtium may be added to water and boiled. Washing the hair with this concoction is believed to prevent thinning hair and hair loss.

A thistle-like flower, called burdock, is used in several different natural remedies for thinning hair. For example, it is often mixed in equal parts with willow bark. Then, it is boiled in water and rubbed on the areas of the scalp where the hair is thinning. Burdock can also be mixed with onion juice and cognac or even hops and calendula flowers. Either mixture is then rubbed on the head and covered with a towel for several hours before it is rinsed off.


Although a rather common household ingredient, onion is used in several natural remedies for thinning hair. For example, chopped onion can be mixed in equal parts with ethanol alcohol and castor oil. It is then rubbed on the scalp, covered with a towel, and left to set for several hours. Onion peels can be mixed with one bottle of light beer that has been warmed as well. Some people even rub onions several times a week directly onto areas where hair is thinning.

Other common ingredients that are used as natural remedies for thinning hair include red bell peppers, salt, olive oil, egg yolks and mangoes. These items are individually rubbed onto the scalp. They are then left to soak into the area where the hair is thinning for several hours and, finally, rinsed away.

Sometimes natural remedies for thinning hair include stopping certain behaviors. For example, if the thinning hair is caused by stress, it may be best to find ways to de-stress, such as yoga or deep breathing exercises. If the thinning is caused by an excess of estrogen, particularly the kind found in some birth control pills, it is best to find alternate medicines. If it is caused by consuming too much saturated fat, caffeine, or alcohol, one easy remedy is to cease consuming foods or drinks that include those items. In addition, it is best to eat a diet high in vitamin B6, vitamin A, calcium, iron, zinc, and protein.


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