What are the Different Nail Art Tools?

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Nail art tools may be used by professionals or amateurs. The tools may be used at the salon or at home. Fingernails can be styled in a manner of wacky or basic fashions using a variety of nail utensils. The instruments may be highly mechanical or very simple to use, including stencils, stickers, nail glue, tongs, and air-operated guns.

Professional salons can use nail art tools to airbrush acrylic paint onto fingernails. This method is a popular choice among women of all ages. The process is fairly simple and quick. Using an air-operated gun that sprays paint, the nail technician will stencil the client’s chosen image onto one or all of her nails. When using many paint colors and detailed stencils, nail designs can end up being fairly intricate.

Nail art tools such as stencils are often used to apply images or outlines of shapes or characters onto nails. Hearts, stars, and flowers are the most basic and traditional shapes airbrushed onto nails. Many women choose to get a French manicure with white nail tips, complemented by a singular white shape in the middle of the nail.


Adhesive accessories are another form of nail art tools. Nail stickers or nail tattoos may be applied onto painted nails using a tacky adhesive that generally comes with the accessory. Nail glue is recommended for any 3D nail art, as regular crafting glue can damage the nails. Such stickers can often be peeled off, or rubbed off with nail polish remover.

Miniature jewels such as faux diamonds may also be applied to fingernails. Tiny tongs are used to place these accessories on the nail. Though adhesive is used, consumers should be cautious after applying any protruding object to the nail. These miniature accessories can easily fall off into food or other unwanted areas.

Nail polish pens are nail art tools that have become increasingly popular in the 21st century. These pens are available at department and drug stores for a minimal price. They are sold in a variety of colors by several cosmetics manufacturers. The lacquer pens are composed of the same ingredients found in a regular bottle of nail polish, though the application brush is thinner and pointier.

Similar to a gel pen or liquid eyeliner tube, nail polish pens are used for freehand nail art. Patterns and prints can be achieved using these nail art tools. Actual pictures may be hard to paint unless the consumer is a talented ambidextrous illustrator.

Craft stores and beauty supply stores sell a variety of brushes that can also be used as nail art tools. Brushes of all sizes and angles may be found here, though art brushes should be used with acrylic paint. Nail lacquer causes most brush bristles to harden. Acrylic paints may also be found at craft and beauty stores, though department stores may carry them as well.


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Post 3

@ocelot60- Though it takes some practice and a steady hand, you can make your own French manicure with nude and white nail polish. Practicing painting a half-moon shape on the tips of your fingernails will eventually give you the skills you need to easily create your own French manicure.

Post 2

I like the way that a French manicures look, but I am not good at using intricate tools and stencils. Is there an easy way to get this look?

Post 1

It is very trendy now to have fake gemstones glued to natural and acrylic fingernails. Investing in a good pair of tweezers is your best bet for being able to apply nail art rhinestones with ease.

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