What Are the Different Methods of Brand Promotion?

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Brand promotion, or getting a product or service recognized by potential customers, can be accomplished both online and offline in many different ways. Formal, major forms of advertising such as broadcast or print can be used to create brand awareness. Informal, smaller techniques such as giving away pens imprinted with a name, logo and tagline are another way to promote a brand. Online brand promotion techniques include guest blogging and creating a website on a related topic.

For example, a running shoe company may create an informational website to help potential customers understand how to buy athletic footwear. The site may include articles or blogs about what to look for in shoe construction and how to find the best fit. Many companies also have websites that promote their brands by including their names, logos and taglines in easily recognizable colors and fonts. They often include a history of the brand as well as photographs. This type of online brand promotion can provide needed information to potential customers searching online for a particular product or service.


Placing a guest post on other websites related to a product or service is another way of promoting it online. Typically, guest bloggers aren't paid, but instead are allowed to include a link to more information about the product or service. Another online method of brand promotion is to write and submit articles to article directories and end each piece with links to further product or service information. Being listed in both online and offline informational and contact directories can also create brand awareness among potential customers. Other ways for both small and large companies to promote their brands include sponsoring events such as a sports game, charity fundraiser, local fair or other public event.

Whereas large, national brands are often advertised in television commercials and magazines with wide circulation, such expensive promotional techniques are typically not possible for smaller companies. Even the smallest business can give away free pens imprinted with its name, logo and tagline or brand promise. A tagline or brand promise is a statement that appears after the name such as M&Ms® candy: Melts in your mouth, not in your hands. The statement serves as brand promotion as it communicates a message to potential buyers that often compels them to try the product. All companies, both large and small, can use taglines to help promote their products or services.


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