What are the Different Methods for Recirculating Air?

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Cooling systems like fans, air conditioners, heat pumps and whole house fans are the primary methods of recirculating air, and they are implemented to make life more comfortable indoors. Each of these air circulation methods depend on moving parts to force the air to be expelled quickly throughout living quarters. During the hot summer months, it is the steadily moving air currents which provide relief from incessant sweating and dehydration, the two main forms of bodily discomfort. The added benefit of recirculating air also improves the atmosphere within the room through filtering the moving air, which helps trap allergens and particles.

The purchase of an air circulation system depends on three main factors: price, energy consumption and effectiveness. Normally, a perfect system would be the one which is highly efficient in terms of recirculating air and energy consumption while being available at a reasonable price. Humidity also comes into play in many areas of the world, and in some cases, even the most powerful air conditioning units struggle with recirculating air. A more thorough solution would be combine this technology with ceiling fans, window fans and whole-house fans to increase the recirculating air throughout the environment, which actually makes the main unit more efficient.


Air conditioning is a contemporary option which not only ensures cooler temperatures, but also creates a healthy and germ-free environment. Depending on its installation, an air cooling system might be either centrally located or wall mounted. While the former is effective throughout the house, the latter is suitable for cooling down a single room or small area only. In hot and humid countries, an air conditioner is no longer considered a luxury, but a common possession. The growing demand has caused the industry to greatly expand, with future projections centered on finding more energy-efficient models that use safe coolants.

Another method of recirculating air is to employ heat pumps; these types of models feature both the heating as well as the cooling systems within the same unit. In summer, the heat pump functions like an air conditioning unit that can considerably reduce the temperature and humidity within a structure, and it can also deliver heating in the winter months. Since the air from outside is continuously pumped into the dwelling, recirculated air is frequently being replaced, and the overall indoor air quality improves.


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We live in a barn that was converted to a residence. I would like to use a vent from the open area in the third floor loft to move air to a cold first floor area. Maybe duct directly with a blower to move the air. Anyone have ideas? --Jon

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