What are the Different Medical Esthetician Jobs?

Ken Black

Medical esthetician jobs are very similar in their scope no matter where they are employed. Medical estheticians are simply licensed skin care specialists who work with patients who have had to go through a variety of medical ailments in order to improve those patients' appearance and help them reduce stress. As such, the job is remarkably similar. The different types of medical esthetician jobs are mainly determined by their location. Some work in hospitals; others may work in the office of a dermatologist or long-term care facility.

Medical estheticians are trained on dermatologic skin care.
Medical estheticians are trained on dermatologic skin care.

While medical esthetician jobs focus on appearance, simply improving appearance is not the primary goal of the individual. Overall, that goal is to make a patient feel better about themselves and their appearance. This type of esthetic therapy can go a long way toward making the patient feel very good about themselves, thus improving recovery time and the patient's overall mental well being. This overall treatment goal is where the real value of medical estheticians are realized.

Medical estheticians work with different types of doctors to help improve patients' appearance.
Medical estheticians work with different types of doctors to help improve patients' appearance.

Unlike estheticians found in beauty parlors or retail makeup counters, medical esthetician jobs can be highly specialized and technical. Often, the individual must focus on dermatologic skin care, simply because the patient has endured some skin or hair problems. The most important thing, in such a situation, is simply to make sure the skin remains healthy, or is working toward that overall goal of being healthy. Therefore, some medical esthetician jobs may focus more on taking care of the skin than any other aspect.

Also, those who are interested in medical esthetician jobs will likely find they will be working very closely with a medical doctor, perhaps a dermatologist. Together, the two will determine what the most appropriate course of treatment may be for the individual. This is a very important part of the job that should not be overlooked. There could be certain types of makeup products that should not be used with an individual based on a medical condition.

Finally, the medical esthetician will focus on the individual's desires for an improved appearance. This could be helping a burn victim cover the scars they have received, or even helping cancer patients who need to put on replacement eyebrows. In such cases, the esthetician will teach the individual about how the body looks in a natural state in order to achieve the best look possible.

Medical esthetician jobs can be found on a full-time, part-time or contract basis. It is possible that a person in such employment may even work for more than one medical facility, sharing time between two or more. In some cases, a medical esthetician will also work in a non-medical capacity as well. This all depends on the individual and what they feel best suits them.

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