What are the Different Marketing Programs?

D. Nelson

Marketing is the work of promoting various kinds of products and services. This field often includes advertising, promotional work, and the selling of goods. Those in the marketing profession also set prices and respond to the needs of different cultures and markets. Marketing covers a wide swath of business practices, so there are many different kinds of marketing programs designed to prepare students for work in the field. These programs vary in terms of concentration and specialization, as well as in the methods and goals of the programs.

Marketing programs may focus on print advertisements.
Marketing programs may focus on print advertisements.

Many marketing programs focus on business marketing. In this kind of program, students learn about the steps necessary to promote goods and services in the world of business. Students in this kind of marketing program often are required to study a number of different concentrations. They may take business math and management classes in order to understand the workings of a successful organization. They may, however, also need to study subjects such as communication and psychology, which allow them to better understand how to successfully convey information to the public.

Marketing programs may focus on different technologies to create product buzz.
Marketing programs may focus on different technologies to create product buzz.

Students also learn about methods for market research. Market research is a method for determining which groups or demographics prefer certain kinds of products. Students learn how to perform and make of use this research.

Common among many business marketing programs is a focus on Internet marketing. This a kind of marketing that uses the Internet as a platform for the promotion of different products. Students who study internet marketing will learn about how to increase website visibility and how to improve the clarity and appeal of different advertising campaigns.

Different industries may require different marketing strategies. For this reason, marketing programs may vary due to the nature of the industries for which students in the programs are training to enter. For example, students in fashion marketing learn about how to promote clothing and styles.

Some marketing programs are offered by accredited colleges and universities, while others are offered only for training. Students who enroll in programs that are offered by accredited colleges and universities normally receive academic degrees upon successful completion of the programs. Some marketing programs are offered for the sole purpose of allowing students to gain a stronger knowledge of marketing strategies and methods, though degrees are not offered.

Online marketing programs are very common. These are programs that may be taken on the Internet. These tend to be the least expensive programs. Many of these programs allow students the opportunity to receive academic degrees. Others may offer only certificates or may not offer any kind of degree.

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