What are the Different Marketing Careers?

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Organizations that attempt to market their product or service without the help of a marketing professional quickly realize why there are so many marketing careers which specialize in these endeavors. There are several different types of marketing careers available within advertising agencies that are outsourced by organizations, as well as marketing divisions or departments within organizations.

Advertising agencies often hire marketing assistants or marketing coordinators at the entry level. Marketing coordinators are typically responsible for compiling marketing research, liaising with marketing executives and clients, and gathering the client’s requirements for a campaign. At the mid-high level of marketing careers within advertising agencies, there are graphic designers that provide artwork for print or online ads as well as other promotional material. In order to create these ads, graphic designers work alongside copywriters, which are also included amongst an advertising agency’s mid-high level marketing careers. Copywriters create the text that accompanies an ad, including tag lines, slogans, and other copy.


At the highest level of marketing careers in an ad agency are marketing executives. Marketing executives oversee client accounts and often communicate directly with the clients to determine their goals and the target demographic they wish to reach. Sales and marketing executives actively recruit new clients by proposing ways in which the agency could improve the organization’s own sales or public image. Marketing careers at the executive level may also entail developing long-term and short-term marketing strategies for client campaigns, branding or re-branding organizations and products, as well as developing damage control strategies for clients.

Organizations that do not outsource their marketing and promotional needs to an agency typically have a marketing department within their organization in which there are a number of marketing careers available. An organization’s marketing department may also be combined with, or work closely with sales and communication. At the entry level in marketing departments, there are marketing assistants or coordinators who often liaise with the organization’s other departments to ensure that the organization’s branding is kept consistent. This might include distributing and monitoring any promotional material that reaches the public and bears the organization’s logo and brand. Directors within a marketing department are among the highest level of marketing careers within an organization. The director of marketing is responsible for developing an organization’s short-term and long-term marketing strategies, as well as providing leadership to other members of the department.


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Post 3

I think marketing executives probably have the best careers in marketing, hands down. According to the Internet, marketing executive average 100K a year.

However, I'm sure it takes some time to work up to being a marketing executive. Also, I hear a lot of places require an advanced degree. So it's not exactly an entry-level job! However, a career with a good salary and nice perks would be worth putting in the time for, I think.

Post 2

@Azuza - That sounds almost too easy. I assume your friends had some kind of writing or marketing credentials when they got their start?

I have a friend who works in marketing as a graphic designer. To get the job, he had to demonstrate both his graphic design skills and a knowledge of marketing. He actually minored in marketing in college, which really helped.

Just knowing how to design something wasn't enough. They wanted to make sure that he knew about marketing so that he could produce things that were well designed, but would also help sell things!

Post 1

It sounds like there are a ton of different sales marketing careers available. The neat thing about some of those careers is you can work remotely.

I have a few friends that work as copywriters. They're self-employed and contract their services out to different companies. They do copy for marketing firms as well as their own business clients.

It actually wasn't that hard for them to get started in the business either. They set up a website advertising their services and then started cold emailing companies. It was only a matter of time before they got some work.

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