What are the Different Marine Engineer Jobs?

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There are four different types of marine engineer jobs: independent consultancy, working for a marine equipment firm, teaching, and research. A marine engineer is a specialist working with boats, underwater equipment, and related systems. Many marine engineers specialize in a specific type of marine equipment. In order to qualify for marine engineer jobs, you will need to complete a university degree in marine engineering and become a professional engineer (P.Eng). This is a specialized program that is available from a limited number of universities.

A growing number of marine engineers open their own private practice. Working as independent consultants, they provide expertise to clients. Services may include designs, construction or repair project plans, and working with the client to understand their needs. There are very few industries that require a full-time marine engineer on staff.

The most common type of marine engineering jobs involves working for a marine equipment firm. In this job, the engineer designs new products, works with equipment manufacturers to produce and test the products, and then reviews the repair and maintenance requirements of the equipment. Marine equipment includes submarines, submersible vessels, remote control underwater survey equipment, and related equipment.

There is a wide range of marine engineer jobs available in teaching. Using his or her presentation skills, an engineer can provide instruction to product managers or technologists in a community college. These courses can include working with marine equipment, design issues unique to marine equipment, and more.


In order to become an instructor, many engineers complete a certificate program in adult education. Learning the most effective way to teach adults can be a huge help when making this career transition. Engineer school is very knowledge-based and does not provide an opportunity to learn presentation skills. Take the time to gain these skills when making this change.

Marine engineer jobs in research are forecast to experience a greater than average rate of growth in the next five to ten years. This field is receiving more attention as we seek to learn more about the marine environment. Different areas of research are centered on locomotion challenges, possible solutions to the pressure and weight on marine equipment, and the impact of humans on the marine ecology.

People who report the greatest satisfaction in marine engineering jobs enjoy problem solving and working independently. Many successful engineers built their practice through reputation. Skill, ability to meet client expectations, and maintaining good business relationships are critical to a long career. It is very important to keep your skills up to date, pay attention to emerging trends, and look at other applications for marine engineering developments.


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