What Are the Different Male Body Types?

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There are many different systems for classifying male body types. Classification models attempt to describe not only how different body types appear, but also how they're able to gain, maintain and lose weight. This is useful information for dietitians and workout trainers, who often use body type models to assess how a client should change a diet and exercise routine. Body type models can also be useful to individuals interested in better understanding how their body works. Body type classifications are also heavily used within certain industries such as modeling and bodybuilding. Some basic types used include ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.

Ectomorph male body types are lanky and skinny physiques that don't contain a lot of muscle mass or fat. Such males often have a faster metabolism than other body types, meaning that their bodies naturally burn fat and calories at a higher rate. This makes it difficult for ectomorph body types to gain weight and muscle mass, even with rigorous dieting and workout routines.


Mesomorph types respond the best to muscle-building exercises. They're typically better able to gain and shed muscle mass than other body types. Having an easier time at gaining muscle mass has its downsides though — mesomorph types are also more inclined than ectomorph types to gain fat. This means that, with the right workout routine and diet, mesomorphs are the most naturally inclined for weightlifting success. Without careful regulation, however, a mesomorph might be prone to gaining too much fatty weight.

Endomorph male body types are the naturally largest. These body types tend to be more rotund, with generous amounts of muscle weight and fatty weight. Endomorph types typically have the slowest metabolism, and therefore have the most difficult time shedding weight. Males with this body type often find that they're easily able to gain muscle mass with weightlifting routine, although it's often necessary to focus just as much on cardio exercises in order to trim fatty weight.

It's common for males to have a combination of body types. Ectomorph-mesomorph as well as mesomorph-endomorph are frequent combinations of male body types. Understanding one's own body type can be helpful in deciding what workout routine to adopt, as well as what supplements and eating habits to implement into a diet.

There are many other body type classification systems that use different terms to describe the same basic body types. One such system divides male body types into letters, such as type A, G, P, and T. This model uses four body types as opposed to three, which is really just another way of looking at and dividing up the ecto-, meso- and endomorph models.


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