What are the Different Kinesiologist Jobs?

Sandra Koehler

Kinesiologist jobs can be difficult to spot, as they are not always listed under kinesiology. A kinesiologist can work in a wide variety of settings. The job description can also as varied as a person’s personality.

A gymnasium used for physical education overseen a kinesiologist.
A gymnasium used for physical education overseen a kinesiologist.

A kinesiotherapist is a registered allied health professional trained in the use of scientifically based exercise principles to enhance physical and functional capabilities of an individual. They are specialists in movement science and all types of body stress including emotional, structural, nutritional and electrical. Kinesiotherapists can treat a client under a prescription from a licensed physician, physician's assistant or nurse practitioner.

Kinesiologists might be called upon to help someone deal with stress.
Kinesiologists might be called upon to help someone deal with stress.

Kinesiologist jobs can be found in traditional health and rehabilitation centers as well health/fitness centers. However, you can also find kinesiologist jobs in education and industry or business settings. Since the work of kinesiologists can benefit anyone who moves or wishes to improve their overall wellbeing, kinesiologist jobs can often be entrepreneurial in nature.

Kinesiologist jobs can exist in offices or businesses as ergonomic experts. Ergonomics is the science of adapting jobs or equipment used on the job to enhance productivity, increase overall safety and decrease pain symptoms from such things as overuse. Kinesiologist can be called in on a consultant level to solve problems, or can be used as program leaders to monitor and implement changes that benefit the employer as well as the employee.

Jobs in kinesiology may also be found in research. When industries or fitness centers design new equipment, kinesiologists can often aid in creating effective suggestions to maximize pain-free, problem-free designs that can increase intended goals. They can also be involved in creating programs for study implemented to increase overall productivity and wellness.

Kinesiologist jobs can be found in occupational health centers to maximize mobility of employees following injury. They can also work alongside physical therapists and sports medicine professionals. They can help enhance program for athletes by working in conjunction with professionals such as sports scientists, dance instructors and physical education instructors. They can even implement wellness programs for the community or local businesses.

Kinesiologist jobs can work side-by-side with nutritionists, exercise professionals and even recreational therapists. They can improve anything that requires movement, from amateur and professional athletes, to firefighters and police officers, to gymnasts and skateboarders. Though, to be efficient and proficient, kinesiologists who opt for a profession considered highly specialized, advanced training may be required to understand even the most subtle of movements needed for the activity chosen.

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@Mor - Even if you don't work for a company like Google, it is becoming more and more acknowledged that workplaces need to have some kind of strategy so that people don't get harmed from long term work. Especially office environments where typing and sitting in one place for long periods can be quite hazardous.

People can end up with all kinds of problems without the right chairs and desks to sit at. And that makes it cheaper in the long run to just hire a kinesiologist to design the right kind of environment from the start.


I think it is becoming a more common practice to bring in kinesiologists to help design work spaces before they are installed.

There are all kinds of things to take into account which can increase productivity. You also want to make people healthy and happy so you don't lose them as workers.

I think jobs where they want you to be as creative as possible, like Google, even provide brainstorming rooms with everything designed to make the workers comfortable. They want to make sure people don't feel boxed in, and want to come in to work on a Monday.

Frankly, I think every job should be like that!

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