What are the Different Kinds of Raw Food Products?

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There are a number of raw food products that can be used to supplement and enhance a raw food diet. A raw food diet can be much more than simply eating sunflower seeds, salads without dressing, and fruit. Raw food products include prepared foods, snacks, treats, and condiments. Raw food products include brownies made with all raw ingredients, nut butters, cereals, crackers, and crisps. One may also need kitchen equipment to prepare raw food meals, as well as books and DVDs that instruct people about the benefits of raw food and how to maintain a raw food diet.

Some of the most common raw food products in the packaged food category include dried fruits, bottled oils, nut butters, and raw seeds. Companies that sell these kinds of products also usually sell products that are a bit more complex such as breads, cookies, and other baked goods that are made with all-raw ingredients. These kinds of packaged products are usually either difficult to make at home or offer convenient nutrition for those who are trying to live a raw food lifestyle on the go. Some of the most popular raw packaged products are energy bars that are enjoyed by people who are following an entirely raw diet as well as those who are just health conscious.


There are a number of kitchen appliances that make maintaining a raw food diet much easier. Juicers and blenders are widely used in raw food cooking. Other appliances that are used in the preparation of raw food include dehydrators and sprouters. Food dehydrators are used to preserve fruits and vegetables. Sprouters are used to sprout beans and grasses that are used in a variety of raw recipes. Bean sprouts, for example, are commonly used in sandwiches and wheat grass is ground into a juice.

Those who are trying to live a raw lifestyle usually rely quite a bit on books and DVDs that have been created by experts in the field. These sorts of raw food products offer information on cooking techniques as well as information on how to get proper nutrition while maintaining a raw diet. The information offered in these materials is essential for those who are just beginning to maintain a raw diet. They can also help those who are considering a raw diet decide whether a diet of raw food products is for them.


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Post 4

@baileybear - That is great advice and a lot of it I live by. I recently started eating more controlled portions, working out, and eating healthier over all. I was addicted to caffeine and drank 4 to 6 Cokes a DAY at home. I don't drink those at home anymore and rarely go out to eat. I balance my diet with nuts, fruits, veggies, and cheese in order to get protein and nutrition in properly. I also make smarter decisions when it comes to grains. It is a great feeling.

Post 3

@empanadas - If you are a big fruit and vegetables lover there won't be a really big change at all. If, on the other hand, you have been involved in a love affair with heavily processed or overly sugary foods you might be in for a shock. You should look to fruit for natural sugars, first of all.

As far as the raw food diet and weight loss, I will say what I always say (and truly believe). You must adopt a healthy lifestyle. I don't know your personal situation, but you should involve yourself with a regular work out as well as a healthier diet involving healthy foods. If you are not into the raw food diet be sure to choose extra lean meats and alternatives as well. Good luck!

Post 2

@baileybear - Are you in the experience of eating raw foods for weight loss per chance? I am thinking about trying this new trend out and am wondering if it is worth the sacrifice? Thanks!

Post 1

I am so glad that there is an article that can elaborate on this hot, new trend in dieting. Even though there are people that have been doing this raw food diet for years, it's good to know that it can involve many more of the foods that people love and doesn't exclude things like crackers or even brownies.

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