What are the Different Kinds of Radon Supplies?

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Different kinds of radon supplies are available for radon mitigation purposes. Radon testing and detection equipment is necessary to determine whether the home is a candidate for a radon removal system. A radon reduction system is available in the form of a kit that might include all the necessary supplies. Different kinds of supplies, such as fans, sealers and barriers, can be purchased individually. A radon system installation guide might be helpful for do-it-yourself applications.

Radon is a radioactive gas that is odorless and not visible. It is produced when uranium breaks down in the soil, and it is present throughout the world. Some areas are more affected than others, and testing is the only way to know whether a home needs a radon-reduction system. Radon test equipment can be rented or purchased. Tool rental centers often carry the more expensive professional equipment for a fast and accurate reading.

Less-expensive charcoal and alpha track test kits are available online and from local retailers such as home improvement stores. These passive test kits might need to be sent to a laboratory for results. Continuous radon monitors normally require a skilled operator and can be very expensive. Testing should be done before and after a reduction system is installed.


Radon supplies such as plastic pipe and aluminum downspouts are available locally from home improvement stores. Joints and fittings for pipes can also be purchased locally. Soil gas mats are used for gas collection.

Mats and barriers typically come in rolls and can be ordered online. Local plumbing supply stores might also carry gas mat collection systems. These mats are normally installed under the concrete pad or in a crawlspace area.

Typical radon supplies include radon mitigation fans. Radon fans are designed specifically for the removal of radon gas. Most radon fans are moisture-resistant, quiet-running and inexpensive to operate. In-line fans are the most commonly used and can be mounted at various locations. High-performance wall mounted units might be required for special circumstances.

Aeration equipment is available to remove radon gas from well water. Water aeration is considered to be the best available technology for removing radon from water. Typical systems include storage tanks, water pumps and valves. Special pipe fittings designed specifically for radon systems can be purchased online.

Radon supplies also include various foam, caulk and tape products formulated for radon mitigation systems. Online vendors carry a full line of radon-related supplies. Radon system drawings are provided from online resources. Installation guides and various kits are available from online vendors. A professional radon removal contractor can be contacted for detection or a system estimate.


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