What are the Different Kinds of Online Business Strategies?

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There are many different kinds of online business strategies for companies to use to increase customer traffic via the Internet as a global marketing tool. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an online, traffic-inducing strategy commonly used for all types of websites and business models. Keywords are strategically placed in informative website copy so that readers searching for certain items can be directed by search engines to sites containing that information. Geo-targeting, email newsletters, blogging and social media marketing are some of the different kinds of online business strategies that may be used together or separately, depending on the type of company.

Social media marketing refers to being connected to public communication websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media online business strategies can work for both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) company structures. By finding websites in which their target clientele frequent by writing posts, businesses can socially interact with potential customers. The best strategy isn't usually to push information about products and services immediately, but rather to build a relationship with the target market through social media websites first. After a relationship exists, people tend to be much more open to trusting and responding to marketing information.


Blogging by way of keeping an online, communicative journal is not only used for personal reasons such as in sharing a love of family life or a certain hobby such as knitting. Businesspeople include blogs on their company websites as a usually effective online business strategy to give a more personal touch to the text. It also offers a way to communicate helpful information to potential clients. For example, a website for a landscaping business may have a blog written by the president that gives homeowners tips about yard design and related subjects. If the tips are good, they can compel website readers into contacting the company for a quote or information on products and services.

Email newsletters are sent by businesses to website readers who choose to subscribe to the service. Business website blogs often include a graphic box for readers to click on to sign up to receive the company's newsletter via email. Newsletter online business strategies help build communication for potential customers that may have them think of the company when they need to purchase a particular product or service. For instance, a jeweler's website may offer readers a monthly newsletter about how to choose quality jewelry for different occasions such as engagement rings and Mother's Day items.

Geo-targeting is one of the most popular online business strategies in website advertising. It's helpful for online advertisers since many website visitors may be global, so usually the advertising on the site may not apply to them. Since profits on websites or blogs are often based on advertising in this type of business model, a computerized geo-marketing system generates ads that are relevant to each reader's geographical area instead.


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