What are the Different Kinds of Needlepoint Accessories?

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The number of supplies needed to start enjoying needlepoint is small, but the amount of accessories available for purchase is quite large. Beyond the basic tools of needlepoint, which include canvas, needles, and thread, there are a number of needlepoint accessories that can be useful when working on needlepoint projects. Frames, project bags, and even books are all common needlepoint accessories. Many common items, such as scissors, lamps, and magnifying glasses, may all be useful when working on needlepoint projects. A needlepoint enthusiast may appreciate any number of rare, beautiful, or unique needlepoint accessories even if those items are not particularly useful on projects.

The canvas used for needlepoint is relatively stiff, so embroidery hoops are seldom used for this kind of embroidery. Frames that hold the canvas taut are useful and contribute to the ease with which the project can be finished. Specialized frames are available for needlepoint, and some come with special matching stands. These needlepoint accessories can help improve posture while stitching, making it easier to work for longer periods of time.

Special bags designed for this type of craft are very popular needlepoint accessories. A needlepoint bag can keep thread organized, keep needles safe, and even protect a work in progress. Working on a project while traveling is much easier with a needlepoint bag. These items may even be used to transport projects to and from needlepoint classes or clubs.


Needlepoint is worked primarily in a single kind of stitch, so books do not often need to include much about techniques. Instead, needlepoint books might include instructions on different kind of projects or different patterns. A book that includes both designs and patterns for finished projects is a great needlepoint accessory for the advanced stitcher.

Basic accessories are often forgotten, but these items are often essential to completing a needlepoint project. Small scissors are required for cutting thread, and a variety of items may be required to see the detailed stitches. Some people find that special lamps that combine a magnifying glass with a light source are particularly useful for this kind of embroidery.

When purchasing needlepoint accessories as gifts for others, it is important to remember that most needlepointers already have the basic tools required for the craft. Even so, many crafters appreciate beautiful or well-made items, such as antique scissors or attractive wooden frames. These items not only serve a practical purpose, but they also help make a craft room look beautiful. Working on crafts in an attractive, hospitable area can bring new joy to even a seasoned crafter.


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I do needlepoint as a hobby, and I have found that keeping a wide variety of needles handy helps you to be prepared for any type of needlepoint project. For example, smaller needles won't work very well on thick materials. If you have a variety of needles in many sizes, you won't have to put a needlepoint project on hold until you buy what you need.

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I have often had trouble cutting embroidery thread with the small, blunt scissors that usually come in embroidery supply kits. Instead of using them, I have found that cutting the thread with small, hair trimming scissors works much better.

Scissors made for cutting hair are durable and sharp, so they give a clean cut on most types of thread as opposed to the jagged cut you often get from embroidery scissors. Hair trimming scissors also come in a variety of sizes, so you can find the exact pair you need to fit your embroidery supply kit.

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