What are the Different Kinds of Multivitamin Capsules?

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There are many kinds of multivitamin capsules on the market, most of which are formulated for specific age groups and genders. There are also some multivitamins that are meant to help people achieve specific health or beauty goals. Some multivitamin capsules are meant to be taken by people who are trying to lose weight. Others are meant to be taken by people who are trying to improve the appearance of their hair, skin, and nails. In almost all cases, multivitamin capsules are meant to be taken on a daily basis.

Some of the most common multivitamin capsules formulated for people of certain age groups include capsules for children and capsules for senior citizens. The exact age range for which such capsules are formulated many vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. In many cases, vitamins for children are created in the form of chewable tablets or even gummy substances that resemble candies. There are, however, some multivitamins for children that come in the form of capsules. Multivitamin capsules for senior citizens are often appropriate for use by both men and women who are over a certain age, but there are some exceptions.


While multivitamin capsules for children are not generally divided by gender, multivitamin capsules for adults often are. Many companies that make multivitamins create formulas specifically for men and women as adult men and women have slightly different needs. There are also multivitamin capsules for women who have reached menopause or are past menopause. Pregnant women are very often prescribed multivitamin capsules to take in order to keep themselves and their babies healthy during their pregnancies. These sorts of capsules are unique in that they are meant to nourish both the mother and the child at the same time.

The term multivitamin is generally used to describe capsules that are formulated with many vitamins, often more than a dozen. There are other kinds of capsules that do contain more than one kind of vitamin but are not as complete in their scope as standard multivitamins. For example, it is common for calcium and magnesium to be blended in a single vitamin tablet. The same is true of calcium and vitamin D. In some cases, multiple related vitamins will be blended together in what is referred to as a "complex" vitamin, such as a B-complex vitamin that may include multiple kinds of B vitamins.


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