What are the Different Kinds of Mobile Home Doors?

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There are many choices in mobile home doors for both the exterior and interior living areas of mobile and manufactured homes. Mobile home doors keep out the elements, protect residents of mobile homes, give privacy, increase the value of the home, and add to the general pleasant look of a mobile home. Doors for mobile homes come in paneled interior and exterior doors, cupboard doors, hard wood doors, vinyl doors, screened doors, sliding glass doors, and French doors.

In all mobile homes, there must be at least a few rooms or areas that include interior doors. These doors will be most likely be made of wood or vinyl composites and may be simple one-panel doors or have intricate designs, such as glass-etched inserts on cupboard doors. Doors give each area a more complete look and can be used to keep areas private, such as bedrooms or bathrooms. In addition, interior doors provide clean areas where household items are stored.

Mobile homes would not be complete without exterior front and back mobile home doors. These doors are used for the safe entry and exit of a mobile home and are generally made from wood, vinyl, or metal. In addition, exterior doors may be doubled, with one solid inside door and an external glass or screened door to let in light and fresh air when needed.


In addition to general solid panel doors found in mobile homes, many homes also feature decorative doors such sliding glass doors and French doors. Sliding glass doors are two glass-paned doors that slide on a double track and can bring extra light into a room. French doors are double doors with small glass panes that are often used in areas such as bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. Double doors and French doors can also be used as external doors that head out onto a porch or deck area.

There are also many choices in mobile home doors such as smaller types found on pantries, closets, and cabinet doors. Many mobile homes feature decorative doors on kitchen and bathroom cabinets. These doors can include wood or glass fronts with handles made in different finishes. Pantry and closet doors may be somewhat smaller or modified from larger home doors, but they serve a similar purpose in protecting household goods from the elements.


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