What are the Different Kinds of Curtain Accessories?

Mary Ellen Popolo

There are many types of curtain accessories that can be used to enhance the look of your window treatments. Decorative curtain rods and brackets, curtain hooks, curtain rings, tie backs and holdbacks are just a few. Curtain accessories add a decorative flair to window treatments. Whether you are trying to give new life to old window treatments, or dressing your windows for the first time, decorative accessories can change the entire look of the window.

Curtain accessories add a decorative flair to normal window treatments.
Curtain accessories add a decorative flair to normal window treatments.

Decorative curtain rods and finials can replace the standard metal curtain rods used for hanging window treatments. Both come in many styles, materials and colors. Decorative curtain rods can be found in several metals and metal finishes — bronze, silver, gold and pewter, to name a few — and are also available in wood and wood-look finishes. Another consideration when choosing a curtain rod is the size; while the width of the rod corresponds to the size of the window, the diameter of the rod depends on the size and weight of the window treatments and your personal taste. The use of coordinating hardware to hang your decorative rods creates a uniform look.

Some curtains are designed specifically to block out light or sounds or both.
Some curtains are designed specifically to block out light or sounds or both.

Finials are the decorative pieces that attach to the rod ends. Most of the actual rod is covered by the curtains, so the finial is the most visible part of the rod. Finials can be simple or ornate, round or square, large or small, metal, wood or crystal.

Tie backs and holdbacks are also curtain accessories. Both are used to pull back curtains or drapes and to hold them to the sides of the windows. Tiebacks generally match the window treatment, whereas holdbacks match the curtain rod. Though both have the same purpose, they function differently.

Tie backs are made of fabric and may have tassels on the end. They are looped around the curtain, which is then pulled back and held in place with a hook attached to the wall behind the curtain. Holdbacks are made of metal, wood or heavy-duty plastic. They are affixed to the wall on the side of the window, and the curtains are pulled back and placed in the loop of the holdback.

Curtain hooks and rings are used to attach the curtains to the curtain rod. Like holdbacks, curtain hooks and rings usually match the curtain rod. They also come in many styles, colors and materials, and can be purely functional and relatively unobtrusive or quite visible and part of the overall design concept.

Curtain accessories can usually be found in department stores and curtain stores. Prices for accessories will vary depending on the style, design and size you select. With so many options to choose from, it shouldn't be hard to find curtain accessories that match your design style, personal taste, window treatments and budget.

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