What are the Different Kinds of Budgeting Spreadsheets?

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There are several different kinds of budgeting spreadsheets that budget planners can use to monitor and track expenses. Personal, household, event and debt reduction spreadsheets are some of the most common types of budgeting spreadsheets in which budget-conscious people can invest. Many spreadsheet options are created to work in conjunction with proprietary software but can also function with open-source alternatives.

Personal budgeting spreadsheets are some of the most popular types of spreadsheets used. These spreadsheets help users monitor and record expenses as they occur. Spreadsheets such as these are great for users who want to keep track of daily expenses. These spreadsheets can simply record item names and costs, but users can also find more complex spreadsheets that can track income, monthly expenses and minor expenses as well. More detailed spreadsheets might provide users with more options for financial planning.

Users who have families and shared households can do well to find budgeting spreadsheets that track family and household expenses. Spreadsheets that are created with families and households in mind can have categories that pertain to these topics worked into the design of the spreadsheet. For instance, on a household spreadsheet, one might find categories detailing expenses related to school, home repair, medical bills and groceries. Spreadsheets can further detail expenses by breaking them down according to person.


Those who are planning events can look for budgeting spreadsheets that help plan expenses associated with the event. For example, weddings have many costs that can accumulate quickly. Using a budget spreadsheet especially designed to help wedding planners budget for the event can help reign in costs and keep them below budget. They can help plan and account for unexpected costs, too. Event spreadsheets can also be available for vacations, birthday parties, celebrations and any other event that might need careful financial planning.

Many people who use budget spreadsheets do so with the goal of reducing their debt. Some spreadsheets are created for this specific purpose. Spreadsheets such as these can help users calculate their debt, plan payment strategies and monitor their debt reduction progress. Some people use these spreadsheets as their own personal debt adviser and have a lot of luck with them.

Budgeting spreadsheets are often designed to work with popular, commercial spreadsheet software. Certain spreadsheets, however, can also be used with open-source software. Finding an open-source software solution to use with budgeting spreadsheets can help users further save money and mind their budgets.


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