What are the Different Kinds of Bidet Fittings?

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There are several kinds of bidet fittings, depending on the way and direction in which water is dispensed. A basic bidet resembles a toilet and has a regular faucet with a waste outlet under the bidet taps that can be plugged to hold water. Heated or flushing rims also have bidet taps on top of the basin but the water flows from under the rim. Bidets with a spray function can squirt the water upward or horizontally. Some bidet models are electronic, offering users additional choices on how to clean themselves after using the toilet.

Bidet fittings fall within one of two general groups, over-rim and under-rim, though they also can be part of a proper bidet or an attachment for use on a standard toilet. The over-rim group features fittings that allow the water to flow downward. Flushing rims, horizontal sprays and regular bidet taps fall in this group. Ascending and vertical sprays are part of the under-rim group. With this group of fittings, water is squirted upward or toward the rim.

The basic bidet is also considered an over-rim style and resembles a regular faucet or tap. Two taps may be installed to provide users with both hot and cold water. Over-rim bidet fittings are attached directly on top of the wash basin. Water flows down toward the bottom of the fixture. A waste outlet is under the bidet taps, and it can be plugged to stop water from escaping the basin before desired.


Heated rims also feature bidet taps that offer both hot and cold water. The difference between this type and the basic over-rim is the way the water flows. With a flushing or heated rim, only the handles are visible. Water from the bidet tap flows from under the rim.

Spray bidet fittings can either be vertical or horizontal. In the case of vertical sprays, the spray head is attached at the bottom of the fixture with water spraying upward. Horizontal sprays feature a tap that delivers a steady stream of water. Greater care must be taken in installing submerged fittings, and a dedicated pipe for the water supply is needed to avoid any contamination.

Some bidet models offer a mixture of options within a single unit. This is known as the combination bidet. The most common combination bidet fittings offer both vertical spray and a heated rim in a single unit. Some of the more luxurious bidets have been fitted with a dryer and audio to cover any embarrassing noises that may be made when using the fixture.


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