What are the Different Jobs in Architecture?

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If you decide to study architecture at the post-secondary level, you are getting the preparation you need for a number of jobs in architecture. You could choose to work in an architectural firm, but that's not the only career option available. Other jobs that are available to people with a degree in architecture include those of project manager, facilities manager, or urban planner.

The first step in preparing for any of the available jobs in architecture is to complete a degree program at a college or university. The curriculum will include courses in design, the history of architecture, and environmental systems. To become a fully-accredited architect, you will need to complete a minimum of five years of coursework, as well as an additional three years of work as an intern.

An architect is responsible for designing buildings of all types. Their training helps them to develop structures that are pleasing to the eye and are functional as well. Most people who work as architects are employed by architectural firms, but there are job opportunities available in government departments and agencies, as well as construction companies.

The work of a project manager is another one of the available jobs in architecture. In this type of position, you would be responsible for taking a project from the planning stage right through to completion. The job includes budgeting, as well as assigning personnel to complete the tasks involved.


The work of a facilities manager varies, depending on the types of businesses he or she is working with. This example of one of the jobs in architecture may be similar to that of a project manager, or it may include working with a number of departments to ensure that purchasing, financing, building maintenance, and security for the company are running smoothly.

If your interests and talents lie in looking at the big picture when it comes to design, you may be drawn to a career as an urban planner. Urban planners work with other architects, government officials, and legal professionals to ensure that communities are planned appropriately. Zoning, transportation issues, and potential impact on the environment are all things that the urban planner must consider as part of his or her work duties.

There are a number of jobs in architecture that you may want to consider. Getting training in this area of study at the university level opens up more doors than simply working in an architecture firm. Keep all of these options in mind as you research schools and make plans for your future.


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@ aplenty- According to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the job outlook for architects is good. Demand for architects is expected to increase faster than average over the next decade. Be warned though that the field is very competitive, and those seeking employment at the most prestigious firms will be defined not only by their academic achievements, but also by the creativity of their portfolio.

The architects who will be in the highest demand will be those who possess knowledge of green and sustainable architecture practices. Resource use is becoming central to all aspects of life, so knowing how to design structures that maximize efficiency is paramount. You should find a job without a problem, but focus, study hard, and let your creativity show so you can enter the field at the head of the pack.

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What is the outlook for architecture jobs in the USA? I love architecture and I am thinking about pursuing a degree in Architecture, but I am worried that there will not be any job openings when I graduate. The architecture program is a very rigorous five-year program that is going to leave me with a lot of loan debt. I just want to be sure that I can find work once the bill collector comes calling.

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