What are the Different Jobs Abroad for Students?

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Many students have an unbelievable chance to travel and see the world by taking summer or work-study jobs abroad. There are hundreds of jobs abroad for students, covering dozens of different disciplines. Taking jobs abroad can afford students traveling opportunities that may be difficult to come by later in life; by combining an income-earning activity with a chance to see a new part of the world, even less affluent students may be able to indulge their desires to travel.

Teaching is one of the most popular jobs abroad for students. Many countries regularly search for English-speaking students to spend the summer or semester teaching English to local students. Best of all, language teaching jobs abroad for students do not necessarily require teachers to speak the local language; many of these programs use immersion-style training that will only permit teaching and conversations in English. Other teaching jobs for students abroad may require students with sports or activity skills, such as mountaineering guides or ski instructors. Multiple languages may be beneficial for these jobs, but some positions want to hire students to teach tourists and visitors from the same country in their native language.


Research jobs abroad for students may be great for those with a scientific background or major. Scientific and anthropological studies are always in need of workers to help with surveys, excavations, and other forms of field research. Though these jobs may not always pay very well, they usually provide room and board and the opportunity to meet and learn from professionals in the field. Jobs might include counting animal migrations, measuring the impact of a new factory, or excavating a ruin for significant archeological artifacts.

There are also many jobs abroad for students in the business field. Usually taking the form of paid internships, these jobs provide valuable training and work experience in companies and corporations around the world. Positions available may depend on experience level and field of interest, and many programs require that interns must be enrolled in a participating school and must receive school credit for working abroad.

To find listings of jobs abroad for students, check with school counseling centers or online. There are many websites that contain listings of jobs for students in nearly every field. While some of these programs require a work-study program to act as a sponsor, others are simply international jobs that can be taken during the summer or a semester off. It is important to go through reputable channels to obtain a job, however, as students looking for jobs abroad may be vulnerable to fraud and scam artists.


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