What are the Different Interventional Radiology Jobs?

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There are many interventional radiology jobs. Some positions include interventional technologist, interventional radiographer, and diagnostic radiological technologist. These interventional radiology jobs are a subset of the medical field, and usually involve the diagnosis of diseases and treatment of patients.

Interventional radiology jobs involve working with a wide range of imaging techniques such as X-Rays, MRI, Ultrasound, and CT Scanners. Interventional radiology is often used as a less invasive form of surgical treatment because with the aid of the various imaging procedures, smaller instruments such as wires and catheters are used, thus shortening or completely eliminating hospitalization.

An interventional technologist is a very common intervnetional radiology job. An Interventional (IR) Technologist assists the attending physician during interventional and invasive diagnostic procedures. Examples of these procedures include peripheral vascular and cardiac procedures.

Another function of the interventional technologist's job may include helping prepare patients for procedures and assisting physicians in actual procedures. An IR Technologist is also responsible for documenting all interventional radiology procedures that have been performed. Typically, a person working as an interventional technologist must also maintain effective communication with the nurses and the physician regarding the patient’s health and condition.

It is also the responsibility of the IR technologist to maintain all interventional radiology equipment and supplies. This may involve keeping an inventory to consistently monitor them. Reporting that inventory may also be a part of the job duties.


Interventional Radiographer is another subset of interventional radiology jobs. Radiographers also perform a wide range of Interventional Radiology procedures, but in a digital setting. A radiographer has the primary role of operating different IR tools and equipment such as power injectors and the Advantage Windows Workstation.

The IR radiographer will assist in collecting quality images from the patient. He must make sure to confirm that the correct patient-exam-order is implemented. The radiographer will also encode, edit, and complete all patient exams.

Diagnostic Radiological Technologist is another position within the field of interventional radiology jobs. A technologist will prepare and administer contrasting agents under the supervision of the attending physician. This task involves determining the appropriate amount and rate of contrast in order to get the best imaging scan.

Interventional Radiologists are educated and trained in the fields of physiology and anatomy, as well as in clinical procedures such as equipment use, patient positioning, imaging protocols, and radiation protection. As a result, they can work in a long list of hospital and non-medical environments. Positions include taking administrative and managerial positions in the Radiology department, providing medical assistance in private institutions, providing regulatory services for radiation safety procedures in different government agencies, conducting scientific research for the advancement of science, and educating other professionals in the filed of Radiology.


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