What Are the Different International Relations Jobs?

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International relations jobs involve the forging of relationships between the world's denizens. Jobs in this field span the fields of politics, law, and agriculture, among others. Charitable organizations, schools, and the private sector are all sources for these positions. Those interested in this type of work may find jobs in the world’s diplomatic corps, in embassies, at banks or other organizations that rely on effective communication between countries to succeed.

Jobs in this sector rely on using diplomatic skills. Diplomats are usually accorded special access and are often granted some immunity from criminal prosecution during the course of exercising official duties. They are the front line people who keep communication channels open between nations during times of conflict or hostility.

Embassy positions provide a base of support for a nation’s citizens who may be abroad. For example, if a major disaster occurs in the foreign country, visitors who are affected by the disaster will be given emergency assistance through their nation’s embassy in that country. These international relations jobs also involve accepting petitions from foreign nationals for authorization to enter the country represented by the embassy, or to apply for citizenship to the country.

Translators play key roles in international relations. High levels of proficiency in a foreign language are critical to maintaining international relationships. Clear, accurate communication is a linchpin to positive relationships. Translators work in embassies, and also for multinational corporations and other international organizations.


Another type of international relations job involves working with nonprofit organizations around the world. Many charities have international missions. These may involve educational, health, agricultural, and economic programs.

Agricultural workers that operate internationally work in many capacities to increase and protect food production. Through international organizations like the United Nations, these workers monitor for invasive species, assist in developing water storage and irrigation programs, and develop varieties of agricultural plants that will provide increased yields. Economists and business professionals work in many capacities in international relations jobs. These may include international banking operations, analyzing economic data and trends, and implementing foreign aid programs.

Other international relations jobs involve working for multinational corporations involved in operating production facilities abroad. International relations jobs are an essential part of the global economic system. The underlying belief among many in the field of international relations is that the pursuit of dynamic, engaged transnational interpersonal relationships will increase peaceful relationships among the world's various peoples and cultures.


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