What are the Different Interior Design Jobs?

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Interior design is a broad field for professionals with backgrounds in art, architecture, and design. Many interior design jobs require some training in the field, often a two or four year degree followed by an apprenticeship. For those that qualify, interior design jobs can be found to meet almost any interest, whether designing homes or designing hospital interiors.

Some interior design jobs focus on residential design. Homes and apartments can all benefit from the keen eye and design sensibility of a skilled designer. Because professional design is often considered a luxury, many residential design clients will have large or luxurious spaces to fire the imagination, and often spectacular budgets. In designing furnished apartments, focus is often on space conservation and comfort, often with stylistic cues taken from the building design.

Working in residential design can be wonderful for people who enjoy intimate communication with clients. In order to create a space that reflects the owner's personality, a designer must have insight into who the owner is, what he or she values, and what things he or she finds comforting and relaxing. By creating a home space that truly reflects the personal needs of the owner, a residential designer can truly improve the quality of life for busy clients.


Interior design jobs are often widely available in the commercial and industrial worlds. Offices, libraries, school buildings, and factories all need competent interior design to create efficient form and function. Many interior design jobs in these fields bring different challenges and unique requirements. By creating a comfortable, uncluttered environment for workers, interior designers can improve working conditions and help create a cheerful, simplistic atmosphere that promotes focus and comfort.

Many interior design jobs involve working for a design firm. These firms often create teams to handle projects, placing senior members in charge of the overall plan and design sensibility. Junior designers are often given small portions of the design to work with, subject to approval from team leaders. Working with a design firm can be an excellent way for new graduates to find their place in the world of interior design firms. By studying and reviewing concepts with senior workers, entry-level workers have a chance to hone their skills and learn the ropes of the business.

Some may not like the concept of working their way up through a firm's ladders, and choose to open their own businesses. Early jobs may be difficult to come by for new design businesses, who must rely on word of mouth in order to get new clients. One excellent way to get a client base is to offer to do interior design work on the homes of friends and family for only the cost of materials. These sample jobs can become advertisements of a designer's capabilities, and may garner compliments and new clients.


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