What Are the Different Infrared Sauna Benefits?

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Scientific studies have found some amazing infrared sauna benefits that are not associated with the same risks as those that can arise from frequent usage of steam saunas. Some of the potential benefits include increased energy levels, weight loss, and relief from chronic pain. Additional infrared sauna benefits may include improved blood pressure and cholesterol levels, bronchitis relief, and promotion of overall skin health. Any questions or concerns about infrared sauna benefits on an individual basis should be discussed with a doctor or other medical professional.

An infrared sauna heats the body in much the same way as sunlight, but without the potential dangers of spending prolonged amounts of time in the sun. Instead of heating the air, as is the case with traditional steam saunas, the infrared sauna directly heats the body, reducing the risks of developing respiratory problems. Among the other infrared sauna benefits, there is less of a chance of developing infections than with the use of the more traditional saunas.


Those who suffer from chronic pain issues may particularly enjoy some of the infrared sauna benefits. These saunas promote relaxation, which in turn can help to reduce the severity and frequency of painful muscle spasms. Those with arthritis or other disorders affecting the joints may also benefit from the use of an infrared sauna. Chronic pain often results in fatigue and a loss of vitality, both of which may be eased considerably by the regular use of infrared heat.

Infrared sauna benefits have been shown to extend to the cardiovascular system as well. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels have been proved to be more easily controlled in those who are treated with infrared heat therapy. This treatment method also helps to detoxify the body and promote a healthy immune system. Those with bronchitis may heal more quickly when using an infrared sauna.

The promotion of skin health is among the more popular infrared sauna benefits. Tissue damage from burns, scrapes, or acne have been shown to heal more quickly and with less scarring when using infrared heat. Dermatological conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, or hives may also benefit from this type of heat therapy. Many who use infrared saunas for relaxation or to treat other health conditions also notice increased weight loss, making this an easy and pleasant addition to any healthy weight-loss program. While most people can safely benefit from the use of infrared saunas, it is always wise to consult a doctor before using any new treatment method.


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