What Are the Different Ideas for a Pool Mosaic?

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Pool mosaic designs can include the owner's name or family crest, a favorite sport's team logo or a favorite automobile manufacturer or model. Music lovers often create a pool mosaic in the shape of a guitar or musical note, while racing fans often display their driver's car number in a mosaic pattern. Hunters might choose to display a pool mosaic in the shape of a deer or moose, while waterfowl hunters might wish to personalize their pool with a duck or dog breed mosaic. Other pool owners may choose to use a commercially available mosaic, such as cherubs, roses or an emblem of their favorite beer or whiskey distillery.

Using small, colored ceramic tiles to create a design in the bottom of a swimming pool is a common method of personalizing a pool to reflect the owner's likes and interests. Many people who become famous or wealthy because of a particular sport might choose to display the team's logo that provided them with so much in life. From a football team to a baseball or basketball team logo, team colors and symbols can be proudly displayed as a mosaic at the bottom of an athlete or fan's pool. Other tributes might include a black-and-white checkered flag for racing enthusiasts or a large fish for fishermen.


Many pool owners choose mosaics which reflect their profession or passion. Chefs may wish to include a pool mosaic depicting a fork and spoon or even a spatula and cleaver on the bottom of their swimming pool. A judge or lawyer may choose the scales of justice or a gavel to be set into tile at the bottom of a pool. A favorite among people of a certain lifestyle is the dollar symbol. Typically created using gold-colored tiles, a mosaic dollar symbol is often found in the pools of rap music artists, sports stars and business tycoons who enjoy displaying this status symbol.

Some of the famous actors of Hollywood, California in the United States choose to grace the bottom of their swimming pools with pool mosaics depicting a famous quote or a likeness of a child or spouse. Guitars and hearts are right at home in a musician's swimming pool, as are musical notes or piano mosaics. Motorcycle lovers occasionally display their favorite motorcycle manufacturer's logo in a pool mosaic. Super hero logos, comic book and cartoon characters are other common images depicted in the bottom of swimming pools.


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Post 3

@Iluviaporos - I guess I have to admit that would be my prime concern when picking a mosaic pattern. A mosaic is supposed to be there for a long time and that means it's likely to be a selling feature when it comes time to sell your house.

Very few people stay in the same place for their entire lives. I wouldn't want to have a design that was too specific, or too bland or anything like that, which might make resale difficult.

At the same time, of course, you don't want to make your entire house bland in the expectation that you might sell it one day. So ultimately, you should please yourself. But if you can, at the same time, install something beautiful and classic, that's probably the best route.

Post 2

@KoiwiGal - If I was going to get a pool with a mosaic design, I think I would just hire an artist to give me something beautiful in general. It's a chance to create art, after all and mosaics are supposed to be lush and colorful.

The only other thing I would be interested in, is if I had kids it would be nice to have designs that would appeal to them. But a mosaic is going to be there for a long time, so you wouldn't want to make it too childish, as they would quickly grow out of it.

Post 1

Personally, I think the best kinds of pool mosaic designs are ones that recreate ocean scenes, or include something like dolphins or mermaids. I mean, it depends on the overall theme of the pool area. If you've got a lagoon-style pool with little waterfalls and things, then you might want to have a design including plants or koi fish or something like that.

I just think it's a shame to use something like a logo unless the pool is supposed to be advertising something. It's a place of neutral relaxation, after all.

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