What Are the Different Ideas for a Mirror Mosaic?

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Mirror mosaics can be used in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles, and the mosaic creations can serve as a decorative accent or can be the focal point of a room or flower bed. A wide range of colors can be used when creating with mosaic mirrors, including bronze and gold mirror tiles, making each mosaic item unique. A popular mirror mosaic creation often recreated is the traditional disco ball, which is a globe-shaped orb covered with mirrored tiles that rotates as a spotlight is shining on it.

Nearly any item, such as picture frames, gazing balls and table tops, can be transformed into a work of art by applying mirror mosaics. The size of the tiles can be affected by the size of the item they are being applied to. For intricate designs, smaller mirror mosaic tiles will typically need to be used. The mirror mosaic tiles can be applied onto a variety of shapes, including rectangles, squares and ovals. Free-form shapes and symbols can also be made into sparkling works of art by applying mirror mosaic tiles.


When applied to a sphere shape, mirror mosaic tiles can reflect light and cast sparkles throughout a room. The same is true by applying mirror mosaic tiles to garden art, such as gazing balls, benches and statues. When placed in sunny garden areas, the mirror mosaic creations can be used as garden focal points or have lights directed toward them to create stunning nighttime effects. Mirror mosaic tiles can be applied to existing items to create unique garden art, such as making a gazing ball by covering a bowling ball with mirror mosaic tiles.

While the typical mirror finish can be used to make mosaic creations, there are other options. Mirror tiles are available in a variety of colors, including bronze, cobalt blue and even black. Gold, green and peach-colored mirror tiles are also available. Color tiles typically do not reflect the light as brilliantly as plain mirror tiles. To help add more glimmer to a creation, the muted colored tiles can be used in conjunction with the plain, mirrored tiles.

Mirror mosaic tiles are available in an abundance of shapes, including subway tiles, which are long, narrow rectangles. Mirror tiles can also be cut to form shapes, such as flowers, buildings and symbols. Mosaic tiles can be used to cover table tops, mirror frames and decorative accessories, such as wood boxes and picture frames.


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