What are the Different Human Resources Administrator Jobs?

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There are quite a few diverse types of human resources administrator jobs available in the business community. Some of the jobs are generalized, but many are specialized. An example of a specialized human resources administrator job is one that requires the manager to have payroll administration experience. Typically, businesses prefer to hire administrators who have experience in their field of expertise. For example, a major university might prefer to hire a candidate who is experienced at an institution of higher learning.

Many times human resources administrator jobs have dissimilar names but have the same duties. One business may have a job titled assistant vice president for human resources administration, and another might have one titled human resources administrator and operations coordinator, even though they may have similar duties. A business might refer to a human resource administrator by the title of president or vice president of human resources, human resources manager, or even human resources generalist.

In larger corporations, the human resources department often has a number of sub-departments. Often each of these sub-departments has its own manager who reports to a superior, such as the president of human resources. Examples of these human resources administrator jobs are compensation and benefits administrator, payroll and human resource administrator, and clinic and human resources manager. Generally, larger businesses select candidates who have multiple degrees to fill these positions.


Typically, smaller businesses expect the people in the human resources administrator jobs to work more than one job. As a rule, in many of these businesses the human resource manager often doubles as the office manager. Other dual jobs may include ISO manager, payroll/benefits manager, or staffing specialist. Some more jobs that businesses may add to a human resource manager's duties are audit analyst and risk management controller, human resources assistant, and labor relations specialist.

Most human resources administrator jobs require a person to have extra training. Sometimes this training is only a few weeks of classes or a couple of workshops or seminars. Other jobs may require an educational degree. Human resource administrators usually monitor and write policies concerning employee health and safety. Companies often appoint them managers of environmental health and safety.

The required education for human resources administrator jobs depends on each job's requirement and each company's policy. Some entry-level jobs, including human resource manager's assistant, need only a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent. Other jobs require higher education, such as a two- to four-year college degree. Many companies prefer to hire experienced human resource professionals, but some smaller businesses offer employment to inexperienced workers if they have adequate training.

Some people with human resource degrees work for consulting firms and provide their services to several companies. By outsourcing the human resources department, owners and managers usually save money. One of the downsides of outsourcing this department is that employees usually cannot find quick solutions to their problems.

In the U.S., human resources administrator jobs often require the administrator to double as the affirmative action/equal employment opportunity officer (AA/EEO). Human resources managers in Canada need to thoroughly understand the Employment Standards Act (ESA). Generally, each country has employment rules and regulations that govern human resources departments.


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