What Are the Different Hot Dog Toppings?

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There are dozens of different hot dog toppings. The most popular toppings differ based on the country, but mustard, ketchup, and onions are favorites around the world. Relish, cheese, and cabbage are other common hot dog toppings, though the preparation and type can vary significantly. Chili and canned peas are other hot dog ingredients, with the latter being most popular in Brazil.

Mustard is a condiment made from the seeds of a mustard plant. It is golden, yellow, or yellow-gray in color and used on hot dogs and other meats. The taste varies depending on the type of mustard, but it is usually tangy and sometimes a bit spicy.

Ketchup is among the most popular hot dog toppings and has a rich tomato taste. It is made primarily from pureed tomatoes and may contain additional sugar, spices, and preservatives. Ketchup is also known as catsup, tomato sauce, and red sauce.

Onions are another popular addition to hot dogs. This topping is often diced and added raw, but it is also sometimes sliced, fried, and caramelized. Onions give a hot dog a sweet or strong, tangy flavor, depending on the kind of onion and how it is prepared.


Relish is also among the most popular hot dog toppings. This condiment is made from pickled diced vegetables or fruit. Cucumbers and vinegar are often the most common ingredients in relish. Adding relish to a hot dog usually gives it a crisp, sweet flavor.

Cheese of various kinds is also added to hot dogs. Sometimes the hot dog itself is stuffed with cheese. The flavor this lends the hot dog depends on the kind of cheese used.

Sauerkraut and coleslaw, which are also made from cabbage, are other hot dog toppings. These toppings are typically added cold. They give a hot dog a crisp, sweet or sour bite.

Chili is one of the few hot dog toppings that must be cooked instead of pickled or simply cut. It can be made from beans, meat, or both. Hot dog chilis can differ from the chilis people often eat plain, but many people treat the stew as the same, which makes it quite versatile.

Peas are a common addition to hot dogs in Brazil. They are usually not fresh but come from a can. Peas lend a hot dog a sweeter flavor and give it a softer texture. Other vegetables and French fries may be added to complete the hot dog.


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Post 3

Weird, the Brazilians eat peas on their hot dogs? I would never, ever have thought of doing something like that. But I suppose it must be good if so many people do it.

Post 2

I love a good chili dog. But not all chili dogs are created equal. I have had some that were disgusting and others that were almost transcendental.

I have realized that it all comes down to the chili. It has to be a good thick and spicy chili, but not so spicy that it covers up the flavor of the dog. And you have to get it with raw onions on top.

Post 1

There is a pretty famous late night hot dog stand in town that has over 20 different signature hot dogs all with their own mound of crazy toppings. You can get Chicago dogs, or chilli dogs or pizza dogs. Just about anything you can think of that have thought of too.

I particularly like this Mexican dog they serve that has avocado and pepper jack cheese. I have spent many a night at three in the morning scarfing one of those down in the parking lot.

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