What are the Different Homeopathic Thyroid Treatments?

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There are many different homeopathic thyroid treatments available, and each is suited to the individual based on the other physical or emotional symptoms that are presenting. The treatments offered by homeopathy for thyroid problems include fucus vesiculosus, calcarea carbonica, calcarea phosphorica, lycopus, iodium and spongia. These treatments all have specific applications, which should be considered before deciding which to use in any specific case.

Homeopathic medicine works on the principle that a substance that may be capable of inducing a disease, administered in minuscule doses, can serve as a cure. It is similar to the basic theory of inoculation, although homeopathic medicines are generally much more diluted, to the point where some opponents claim they work due to the placebo effect, whereby a sugar pill, administered in the way real medicine would be, can cause improvements in conditions based on the power of suggestion alone.

Homeopathic remedies are combined with water at a ratio of either one to nine or one to 99. The diluted solution is then taken and further diluted at the same ratio. This process is repeated up to 30 times in some homeopathic thyroid remedies.


Calcarea carbonica is a homeopathic thyroid treatment derived from calcium carbonate. As with most homeopathic remedies, it can be used for a variety of different conditions, including slow development of bones and teeth, backache, fractures and joint pain. The treatment is also used for PMS, right-sided headaches, ear infections and eye infections. The accompanying personal symptoms that make this treatment suitable for thyroid conditions include anxiety, tiredness, sensitivity to cold and offensive smelling urine. Calcarea phosphorica is a similar treatment that is more suited to people with frequent perspiration or children with cold extremities.

Another homeopathic thyroid treatment is iodium, derived from iodine. This treatment is also used for treatment of people with rapid metabolism and people who are particularly susceptible to perspiration. Additionally, it is used to treat lead poisoning and rattlesnake bites. People with thyroid problems suited to iodium are those who feel better when they were outside in the open air, and worse when they are in quiet or warm surroundings.

Fucus vesiculosus is a treatment derived from sea kelp, which is often used in homeopathy. It is one of the homeopathic thyroid treatments, but it can also be used to treat conditions such as obesity and constipation. This treatment may be suitable for people whose forehead feels like it’s being compressed by an iron ring and who have thyroid enlargement.


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Post 4

Bear in mind, the treatment is mainly water. By mainly, I mean that the active ingredient is in such a small amount it is imperceptible. If homeopathy makes you feel better, then that's fantastic, but I think ddljohn has an important point: you shouldn't just use homeopathy.

In my opinion (which is also that of the reputable scientific community), if homeopathy does something for you, it's down to the placebo effect. Buy water instead, it's cheaper.

Post 3

I have had a thyroid disorder for the past three years and I have been using homeopathic treatment for the past two years, mainly calcarea carbonica.

My thyroid activity is completely under control now with homeopathy but I want to say that I have made major changes in my lifestyle as well. I used to have a very poor diet before and was underweight. I was also very tensed about everything and my work life was very stressful. I had irregular periods, was forgetful and had a lot of hair loss.

When I first found out about my thyroid, I was really worried and started chatting with other ladies who have the same problem on forums and online

sharing groups. I saw that many of us shared the same life style of stress, poor diet and poor exercise habits. I decided that if my condition was to improve, I had to change some of these habits.

I started eating more food and healthier food, found a new job that was less stressful for me, took up things like yoga and swimming to control my anxiety and tension, took multivitamin and started taking homeopathic remedies.

I think homeopathy will work best if you take charge of your life and do what is best for your health. When you decrease stress and increase nourishment, I feel that any treatment works better and faster.

Post 2

Iodium treatment reminded me of a documentary I had seen about the people who live in the mountainous regions of Pakistan. The documentary talked about how many natives had thyroid enlargement and you could see a large bubble-like swelling on their throats.

Apparently it was due to lack of iodine. It was so sad to see them like that. But it makes complete sense why iodine is used a homeopathic treatment for enlarged thyroid. I think that's why we have table salt with iodine in it.

Post 1

So what these thyroid treatments are doing is treating the symptoms of thyroid problems right? My sister has hypothyroid and I know that the medicines which her doctor prescribed are meant to replace the hormones she is missing in her body.

Is there a homeopathic treatment which can do the same thing? I would really like to know if there is because unfortunately, synthetic medications come with side effects unlike natural remedies.

Also, is it possible to use homeopathic treatment for thyroid in addition to allopathy? Would the treatment be more effective if these treatments were combined?

I think it would be good for my sister to keep taking her medicines to replace the hormones her body is not producing and then supplement with homeopathic treatment for symptoms.

Can anyone who has used homeopathy and allopathy for hypothyroid give some input?

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