What are the Different Homeopathic Bronchitis Treatments?

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There are numerous homeopathic bronchitis treatments available, and finding the right one is typically achieved by looking at a patient's particular symptoms. Depending on the type of cough a person has, he or she may choose from treatments such as antimonium tartaricum, bryonia and causticum. If the patient is bringing up yellow mucous, pulsatilla, hepar sulphuris calcareum and kali bichromicum are often suggested. Those with chronic bronchitis may be best suited to take silicea or sulphur. When bronchitis occurs as the result of allergies or a cold, dulcamara or calcarea carbonica can often help.

Patients with bronchitis may experience the disease in different ways; therefore, it is necessary to evaluate their symptoms before choosing a homeopathic bronchitis treatment. Those with a wet, bubbly cough that is ineffectual at bringing up mucous may want to try antimonium tartaricum. A patient with a dry, hacking cough that causes pain in the stomach from its severity will often benefit most from taking bryonia. Causticum is usually best for those who have a deep, hard cough accompanied by a feeling of blockage in the chest and throat.


Another factor to consider when choosing a homeopathic bronchitis remedy is whether the patient is producing mucous. When one's cough is tight at night but loose in the mornings, and is accompanied by large amounts of yellow mucous, pulsatilla is typically the right choice. Kali bichromicum is also good when the patient is bringing up yellow mucous, but works better when the cough is metallic and hacking. Hepar sulphuris calcareum is often preferable for people who are producing mucous with a hoarse, rattling type of cough, especially if they tend to be sensitive to cold.

Bronchitis may be an acute, short-lived illness, but for some people it becomes a chronic problem. In cases like these, two homeopathic bronchitis remedies, silicea and sulphur, are often recommended. People who get bronchitis that lasts for weeks and weeks, often accompanied by green or yellow mucous, a painful cough and chills, might find relief from silicea. Those who get bronchitis repeatedly, with one bout clearing and then another starting soon after, may do well taking sulphur.

Certain homeopathic bronchitis treatments work best when the disease follows another illness or allergies. Those who get bronchitis with an irritating, tickling cough following a cold typically should take calcarea carbonica. When allergies or the flu are to blame for the onset of bronchitis, dulcamara is often used to treat it.


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