What are the Different Home Remedies for Itching?

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Itching skin is a problem that most people will experience from time to time. Itching can be caused by such things as insect bites, allergic reactions, and skin disorders such as eczema. While it is sometimes necessary to visit a doctor for persistent itching, there are many home remedies for itching that are often effective. Some home remedies for itching may include adding oatmeal or baking soda to the bath water or dusting the affected area with cornstarch. Each patient responds differently to these treatments, but a brief period of trial and error may offer positive results.

Many home remedies for itching involve adding substances to bath water. Soaking the affected areas in warm water with added oatmeal or baking soda are among the most popular treatments. Some patients prefer adding substances such as apple cider vinegar or even evaporated milk to the bath water. Corn starch can be either added to the bath water or used as a dusting powder on clean, dry skin. If the remedies are not effective, it is important to visit a doctor for a proper diagnosis and other treatment options.


Some remedies for itching involve the use of various substances that are applied directly to the itchy areas of skin. Aloe vera gel is typically applied to burned skin, but many patients have reported relief from itching when applying the gel to itchy areas of skin. Lemon juice and vitamin E oil are also used for this purpose.

Homemade salves are popular herbal remedies for itching. Juniper berries or cloves are often added to melted beeswax to make these healing salves. Other patients prefer to use various herbs to make homemade teas. These teas are then used as needed to apply directly to the itchy areas of skin. Basil teas are among the most popular home remedies for itching in this category. Mint and thyme are often used for these homemade anti-itch rinses as well.

Still other home remedies for itching involve taking herbal treatments by mouth in the form of a capsule. Some herbs used to relieve itching include chickweed, goldenseal, and yellow dock. Stinging nettle oil that has been freshly made is reported to relieve itching as well. Drinking stinging nettle tea may provide some degree of itch relief. Simply applying a cold compress to the itchy area may provide some degree of relief while other methods are explored.


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Post 3

One of the best things I have found about home remedies for eczema is that they work on a lot of general itching problems too. A good anti-itch home remedy doesn't need to be restricted to one sort of problem if you ask me.

At our home if anyone has an itch we add a cup of white vinegar to their bath. Afterwards we also use an aloe vera gel as a body lotion and it takes care of any residual itching that may still be felt. If you do have eczema the vinegar really soothes the skin while the aloe vera adds back much needed moisture to the skin.

Post 2

@lonelygod - My husband has the exact same problem and he has had some pretty mixed reviews about the natural remedies for itching we have tried. If the over-the-counter stuff fails though you definitely need to start trying some itch relief home remedies.

The best way to control his jock itch we have found is for him to take hot baths in salt water. When he is finished bathing he dries off and applies some tea tree oil to the itchy area. It has natural antibacterial properties and can really help keep the groin area itch free. Also see if he is up for adding garlic to his diet. Garlic has been a natural jock itch cure for a very long time.

Post 1

This is a bit embarrassing but does anyone know of any good home remedies for jock itch?

I have been playing sports pretty regularly and find that I get very itchy down there. I have tried some over-the-counter powder that is supposed to stop the itching but I find it doesn't help that long. I always end up itchy again by the end of my games.

I am hoping I can find some home remedies for itchy skin that will get to the root of the problem and make it so I am not constantly scratching. I hate having to scratch because it is really inappropriate in most settings.

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