What are the Different Hip Precautions?

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There are many different hip precautions that people who have just undergone hip replacement surgery should abide by. In addition to those who have gone through a hip procedure, athletes should also take special hip precautions before and after any sporting event. While many people assume that hip injuries are reserved for older people, this assumption is simply not true.

Many athletes damage the hip area due to high-impact sports such as running, soccer, and many others. Since these sports place a vast amount of impact upon the hip area, one of the most common athletic injuries is a hip flexor injury. The hip flexors consist of three unique muscles that include the rectus femoris, psoas major, and the illacus. Damage to any one of these muscles can cause a severe amount of pain and discomfort.

Any athlete who is experiencing hip pain should contact a licensed physical therapist immediately. Through extensive physical therapy sessions, a person who has a hip flexor injury can heal the affected muscles. In order to prevent this type of injury from occurring, it is important to properly stretch before and after any intense physical exercise.


People who have recently undergone hip replacement surgery should also be aware of special hip precautions. Crossing the legs, bending forward, and any extreme movements should be avoided following surgery. Since a hip replacement implant is not as rugged as a natural hip joint, these implants can easily become dislocated. Thus, surgical patients should work closely with a physical therapist in order to strengthen other parts of the body that may support the injured hip.

Following a hip procedure, a medical doctor should advise each patient on important hip precautions. If these precautions are not adhered to, a patient may be forced to undergo additional surgery. Some hip implants can withstand more weight than others, though the amount of pressure that can be placed on a hip depends upon each person's body type.

While some injuries can be cured by applying heat or ice, a hip injury is not one of them. The hip is an extremely sensitive area, and hip pain should not be ignored. As mentioned above, the hip can be damaged through age, athletic impact, and by falling. If any of these things has occurred, it is best to seek medical attention right away. Most hip injuries do not lead to surgery, though this can only be determined by a licensed medical doctor. In any case, hip precautions should be noted, followed, and considered at all times.


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