What Are the Different Herbs for Hair Growth?

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Some herbs for hair growth are aloe vera, gingko biloba, and rosemary. In addition, nettle is sometimes used to encourage hair growth or regrowth. Aloe vera has a variety of uses and is commonly found in cosmetics and herbal hair remedies. Gingko biloba is among one of the lesser used herbs for hair growth, but it still has the potential to help. Rosemary is often used as a natural dye, but some people find it works just as well for scalp stimulation.

Aloe vera is an anti-flammatory herb believed to stimulate the scalp and encourage hair growth and regrowth. This is one of the most common herbs for growth and is often found in shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in treatments. Aloe vera is safe for use by most people.

While gingko biloba is not among the most well-used herbs for hair growth, it has the potential to help hair growth. It improves circulation, which can encourage a person’s scalp to grow hair more quickly. This herb can be found in shampoos or taken orally in tablet or tincture form. Gingko biloba should not be used by pregnant women. In addition, it is possible for this herb to interact with over-the-counter pain medications, so caution should be taken to prevent undesirable side effects.


Rosemary is traditionally used to achieve longer, healthier hair by stimulating the scalp and potentially eliminating dandruff. Scientifically sound studies have not been conducted as of 2011, but this herb is relatively safe for most people. To create a rosemary rinse, the herb should be boiled in water, and then the water should be used as a hair rinse after it is cool. This herb is often used as a natural hair dye, so it is best used on dark-haired people or people with gray hair. For safety reasons, rosemary should not be consumed in high doses or in some cases at all due to conflicting medications or other herbs.

Other herbs for hair growth are nettled in capsule or steeped and strained form. Nettle teas and tinctures were originally used for leg stimulation, but some herbalists suggest that it may also be effective for hair growth. A capsule of nettle should be taken about three times daily for maximum results. Nettle hair rinses should be used every day after shampooing. This use of the herb is not recommended for some people, including pregnant women, people taking medications that might conflict with nettle, and people who might be allergic to nettle.


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