What are the Different Health Promotion Careers?

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Different types of health promotion careers are available in many industries. Health promotion careers can come in the form of health education, health risk assessment, worksite health promotion, employee wellness, wellness management and non-profit media promotions. Work can be found at corporations, schools, government organizations and in the non-profit sector. Careers are also available in the military or individual offices with one-on-one consulting.

Corporate health promotion careers often involve health risk assessment and health education. Wellness management, the practice of combining health management with human resource management is a growing trend. Businesses are learning that healthy workers are happier, more productive, and less costly to insure. For this reason, they are now more likely to incorporate health education and health risk management into regular employee training.

Public schools need health promotion workers consultants for students. Health promotion careers in elementary schools can be especially rewarding, offering professionals the chance to shape attitudes about health for the next generation. Health promotion workers can become the Coordinator of Drug and Alcohol Prevention at a college.

Local government entities require health promotion workers to direct health departments and organize health education. This may be done on a town, county, state or federal level. In general, master’s degrees are prerequisite to holding health promotion jobs in the government entities.


Non-profit organizations, or NPOs, hire health educators to promote campaigns aimed at raising awareness about health issues in undeveloped countries or poor communities. Health promotion careers of this sort demand an understanding of more than just health education. These professionals must also understand psychology, public speaking and advertising. They may work in developing health education media for distribution or actively teach health education to the populations the NPO serves.

Health promotion careers in the military are available through the US Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine, or USACHPPM. Civilians work with soldiers to research problems related to health care problems and find ways to tackle these issues through health education and promotion.

In private enterprise, health promotion workers may be consultants or wellness coaches for individuals. As independent contractors for companies, health promoters will address issues of nutrition, exercise, addiction, heart disease, stress and mental health. When working for individuals, wellness coaches typically focus on diet and nutrition.


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