What Are the Different Hair Weave Styles?

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Hair weaves are versatile hair tools that can add volume to flat hair and conceal thinning hair. They add length, volume and color to a plain hairstyle by weaving in synthetic or human hair with the existing hair. Hair extensions are the most popular form of hair weave. Basic hair weave styles include the interlocking, net, bond and sewn-in weaves.

The interlocking method of hair weaving gives the hair a natural look without glues or braids. There are no lumps or bumps in the hair to give away the fact that the hair is not entirely natural. The weave is sewn into natural hair using cornrow braiding. The interlocking weave can last for two to three months with careful maintenance.

The net weave consists of hair that has been braided into a cornrow base and combined with netting that usually is attached with one single braid. A hair weave is then attached to the netting. This technique works best for thinning hair and can last for two to three months.

The most common hair weave style is the bond style, in which the weave hair is glued to natural hair. It adds length and volume but must be maintained carefully. The weave can be damaged if it is shampooed too much. Hair care products and dryers should not be used on the glued areas because doing so could damage the real hair. This method lasts for about four to six weeks.


The sewn-in weave is sewn directly onto cornrow braids and lasts approximately two months. It can be put only on the crown of the head, or a full sewn-in weave can be done. If it is not taken care of properly, the weave can damage the real hair. A dry scalp is associated with this type of weave. An oil treatment can be applied sparingly to the scalp to relieve any itching.

Hair weave styles require special care for the hair underneath the weave. Natural hair weaves can be styled with hair care products, but synthetic hair should not be. A hair weave should not be left in longer than recommended, or hair loss and damage could result. If glue has been used, products designed to loosen weave glue can be used before one attempts to remove the weave.

It is said that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. When a woman's natural hair needs help, hair weave styles can give a dull, boring hairstyle new life. It is very important for a person to explore all options and weigh any risks before getting a weave. Most hair weave styles should be done by a professional to get the look wanted with the smallest amount of work.


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