What are the Different Hair Stylist Jobs?

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There are many different types of hair stylist jobs to select from. As with any other profession, most hair stylists specialize in one area or another. While some stylists only work with children, other stylists may specifically work with either men or women. Regardless, all stylists must obtain proper licensing by enrolling in a stylist program, and this is where most stylists choose to focus on one particular type of hair.

A hair stylist license can be obtained by attending a beauty school. These schools are specifically geared towards producing stylists of all kinds, which is why most beauty schools offer specific styling courses. Some stylists may choose to work with African American hair, while other stylists may opt to work with younger clients. Upon successful completion of beauty school, stylists can then apply for hair stylist jobs.

Just as there are all kinds of stylists, there are also many different types of salons. Some salons are full-service salons that cater to all kinds of clientele, while others are reserved for one specific type of client. Specialized areas to consider include extension application, wavy hair styling, elderly hair styling, color specialist, and formal styling. Stylist that are highly skilled in any one of these areas can often obtain sought-after positions.


Since the hair industry is competitive, it may take awhile for a newly graduated beauty student to obtain a position at a salon. This is precisely why students who specialize in one type of hair styling tend to gain better job positions. Still, the job of a hair stylist is not an easy one. Most stylists do not gain a steady clientele right away. In fact, it takes many years of practice to obtain a steady client base.

Hair stylist jobs are not for everyone. Even though this job position may seem rather simple, it is actually somewhat complex. Stylists must be willing to speak and interact with clients on a daily basis, they must be able to work with other stylists in harmony, and they need to effectively manage customer comments -- not an easy task. In short, stylists must have a dynamic personality along with hair cutting and styling skills.

The best way to find hair stylist jobs is to apply directly to salons that may need additional stylists. Alternatively, looking at advertisements in the local newspaper or on the Internet can prove to be fruitful. Keep in mind that there are far more specialized hair stylist jobs than there are general stylist jobs, so try and gain some type of unique certification if you can.


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Post 2

@bythewell - I don't know, there do seem to be quite a few salon jobs around that are pretty specific. In my city there are a few places which are basically there just so that people can go and get their hair braided with extensions, and there are other places that pretty much exclusively cater to Asian clients.

Different kinds of hair need such different kinds of care it makes sense for places to specialize.

And my city isn't even that big. I'm sure in a really large city there are quite a few places that specialize, depending on the people who live in their neighborhood.

Either that, or salons that are worth their salt will have specialists within their company who can cater for anyone that walks through the door.

Post 1

Even if you want to focus on a particular kind of hair salon job, you should try to get well rounded education while you're going through hairdressing school.

There is always a fair amount of competition for hair stylist jobs and while I think salons prefer people with a particular skill, they will also want someone who can take over for anyone if they need to. If the only thing you know how to do is style African American hair and one of the other hairstylists is sick, you won't be able to help out with any clients who fall outside your skill.

Someone who is pretty good at most things and just happens to specialize is going to find it much easier to get a job.

It opens your prospects up to almost every kind of salon rather than just the ones that only cater for whichever type of hair you've specialized in.

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