What Are the Different Hair Dryer Parts?

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Though hair dryers vary widely in manufacturer and options, there are essentially only a few main components in a basic hair dryer. Most hair dryer parts consist of a motor fan, heating component, circuits, and plastic moldings. Manufacturers may also include a concentration nozzle and a diffuser.

Patents for hair dryers are only made to tweak outside packaging and designs. This is done to cater to different demographics and consumers. With the exception of additional security features, most hair dryer parts share similar infrastructures, designs, and purposes.

A hair dryer will only need two parts to generate the hot air needed to thoroughly dry the hair. These hair dryer parts consist of a simple motor fan and a heating element. The motor fan and the heating component are used in conjunction to create hot air.

When a hair dryer is on, an electrical current powers the hair dryer. The circuit supplies electricity for the heating component, which is usually a plate made out of ceramic or tourmaline material. Electricity then feeds the motor fan, which causes it to spin. The air is usually generated down the barrel, going over the heating component. As air flows through the heating component, the newly heated air flows out of the other end of the hair dryer.


Hair dryers are usually made up of a pair of plastic molds. These plastic molds are then installed with screws. The plastic parts are created via injection molding, a process that involves molding molten plastic into the shape of the hair dryer.

All other hair dryer parts are usually designed for safety measures. Most hair dryers include a security cut-off switch that will power off the hair dryer if it exceeds a certain temperature. Another safety feature that usually works in conjunction with the cut-off switch is a thermal fuse built into the electrical circuit. This fuse has small metal clips embedded into it, which will melt if the temperature is high enough. This will render the hair dryer inoperable.

Some manufacturers will have a concentration nozzle packaged with their hair dryers. These nozzles, when attached, are able to direct the flow of hair into a single section of hair. Concentration nozzles are beneficial for those that blow dry while applying tension with a round brush, allowing the person to direct the heat onto the hair, subsequently straightening it. A diffuser will usually come packaged as well, allowing for the gentle drying of curlier hair types.


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Post 3

@literally45-- Using a diffuser is very easy. It goes on the end of the hair dryer and is meant for curly hair. It dries curly air without straightening the curls or making them frizzy.

After you towel dry hair, apply any hair product that you're using. I use mousse for curly hair. Afterward, I take my hair dryer with the diffuser, hold sections of my hair and hold the hair dryer directly on that section for a minute. Then, I move to a different section. I get perfect curls this way.

Post 2

There is a blue button on my hair dryer. When I press it, the hot air becomes cold. What's the point of this? It already has a cool setting, so I don't get it.

Post 1

I just bought a salon quality hair dryer. It's very nice but I don't know what to do with the diffuser. How do I use it?

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