What are the Different Government Grants for Single Mothers?

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Single mothers carry a burden to provide for their children financially, which can be especially difficult without support. The responsibility becomes more challenging if the parent desires to return to school to further her education or needs to provide upgrades or improvements to a home. Thankfully, government grants for single mothers can provide support to people in need of financial assistance for an education, housing, or business venture, which can lead to an improved quality of life for a family. Government grants for single mothers do not have to be repaid, but they must first be requested. Large sums of money are distributed to single mothers each year.

Education grants for single moms can help with expenses such as tuition, housing, and books. While a regional or local government-subsidized grant might not cover 100% of expenses, these funds might be used to supplement other sources of funding, including private scholarships or cash payment. The application process will vary by the region where a single mother resides, but most applicants must submit paperwork with the regional government.


A single mother might have to commit to some community service in exchange for funding. In order to qualify for government grants for single mothers, she will also have to provide proof of residency in the region and the completion of some formal education, such as a high school diploma. Local governments, in addition to regional governments, may extend education grants to single mothers through assistance programs that can be found on the Internet.

Government housing grants and subsidies are provided through welfare and grant programs, and may cover all or some of housing expenses for a single mother. The funding may come in various forms, including subsidized housing, food stamps, or grant money. Some gifts might come in the form of housing vouchers provided by public housing agencies. These vouchers can be used towards a rent or mortgage payment and are often directed to low-income families where the yearly income is below average in the region.

There are also government grants for single mothers to assist in the launching of a small business. Often, local governments provide financial assistance for business ventures, although funding may also be obtained at the regional level. Monies might go towards starting or expanding a business, purchasing equipment, or paying salaries before profits are earned. Obtaining funding for a business venture can be a competitive process, and single-mother applicants must meet certain criteria. An applicant should be prepared to demonstrate how the new business will add value to her community in the application.


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Post 3

I am all for helping people, but when people take shameless advantage of it, it really peeves me off.

A woman came to my desk, talking on her cell. She had a first-generation smartphone (several years ago), with an expensive case, those dragon lady nails that cost a fortune and a weave that probably would cost me a week's salary. She was talking to her mom about getting in the paperwork for her kids to qualify for the free lunch program. She conducted her business and I saw her leave in a very expensive car.

I drive a small sedan and wonder most months how I'm going to pay the bills. That made me mad. Not everyone is like that, by any means, but I was really ticked off about that.

Post 2

@Scrbblchick -- I don't begrudge single moms having some government grants, but it seems like you have to have children in order to qualify for some of the best advantages. I could use a couple of extra years in college to get another degree that would help me get a better job, but there's nothing for you if you're married without children. I guess because you're supposed to have all this "disposable income." We sure don't.

I opted not to have children because I didn't know how we could provide for them without being on government assistance. So much for my altruistic intentions.

Post 1

I'm glad single mothers have all these options for assistance. I know some single moms who have really worked hard to better themselves and they got degrees and have great jobs.

Not everyone does this kind of work, of course, but I'm glad the US makes some opportunities available for women who are raising children by themselves. It's a tough, tough way to live and it's always so encouraging to see moms who are working hard to better their lives and consequently, the lives of their children. The next generation will see the benefits of this hard work when those kids are able to go to college.

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