What are the Different Freight Broker Jobs?

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Freight brokers are responsible for importing and exporting a large percentage of the world's goods. These professionals know all the ins and outs of the transportation industry thanks to hands-on training and some academic skills. Most freight broker jobs are largely the same, though some of these positions differ slightly.

Brokers who work within the trucking industry deal with trucking companies on a regular basis. These brokers negotiate rates, schedule drop-offs and pick-ups, and handle all aspects of the trucking transportation business. Many of these brokers do not have any formal academic training within the transportation business, though most of them have had some university experience in other fields.

Some freight broker jobs are entirely focused upon sea transport. These individuals help to facilitate the transition of goods from one country to another via ship. Brokers that work in this field must know about international sea trade laws, must be able to negotiate in various languages, and should be able to travel to distant countries when necessary.

While land and sea freight broker jobs are the most common, a few transport professionals work with all types of transportation -- including land, train, and sea. In most cases, these professionals have been working within the transportation field for many years. Freight brokers may work independently, or within a larger transportation company.


There are a few transportation companies that presently dominate this industry. Unlike other companies, the vast majority of these transportation firms do not actually own anything. While a company may have many different departments with thousands of offices spread across the world, this type of company does not own trucks, boats, or trains.

Obtaining freight broker jobs is a lot harder than it used to be. Since this industry has largely grown over the past few years, more and more transportation companies are demanding that job applicants possess a specific degree in logistics. This type of degree can be gained by enrolling in a logistics program at the university level. In some cases, a logistics certificate may suffice, though this type of certificate is not widely accepted.

To find freight broker jobs, apply directly to a large logistics company. Alternately, various Internet job sites list many freight broker jobs across the world. Candidates that have excellent communication, negotiation, and language skills are often preferred over other candidates. While becoming a freight broker can be lucrative, this job is a highly stressful one.


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