What are the Different Finance Jobs?

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Finance jobs are available in many different industry areas. A finance job may be in a financial institution or in the finance department of a corporation or business. A bachelor's degree is preferred for most entry-level financial positions, while a master's degree is required for many managerial finance jobs.

Bank manager is the most senior of the banking finance jobs as these managers oversee the daily operation of the bank. They must ensure that all bank staff handles money and clients in keeping with banking industry standards. Bank managers are also called branch managers and they handle any customer complaints promptly to try to retain their clients’ business.

Finance manager jobs may be in banks, mortgage companies or credit unions. A financial manager could be a credit manager, treasurer or controller. Controllers are responsible for all financial reporting for a business and they manage the accounting department. Treasurers usually focus on budget management including monies used for investments and mergers. Financial managers may also work in government jobs and they need to adhere to governmental budgeting procedures.


A securities analyst job description usually includes helping investors make decisions on financial risk management issues. Securities analysts are in constant communication with investors and auditors. They may work in a finance company or a bank and recommend mutual funds after analyzing the financial markets. Mortgage broker finance jobs center around lenders and borrowers to establish real estate based agreements. Mortgage brokers find loans that fit with the borrower's credit.

Accountants understand and work with the whole financial system of a business or corporation. They perform audits and write reports. A chief financial officer (CFO) is a top executive position in a corporation and CFOs oversee the corporation's entire financial system and department. A CFO works alongside the chief operating officer (COO) who usually oversees everything but the finance aspect of the corporation.

The many different finance jobs usually have similar working conditions and expectations. Whether the position is entry level or managerial, workers in the finance industry are expected to have a mature, professional attitude and govern themselves with professional ethics when working with finances and clients. Finance jobs tend to be located in comfortable office settings. Those in senior management positions may work 60 hours a week.


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